Plonekit’s first sprint is going on today. We’re part of a larger sprint at the Plone Symposium in New Orleans. But all but one of our sprinters is remote. Mike Halm and Christian Johansen of Weblion and  Cris Ewing of UW are drilling down on our engagement solicitation tasks. There are strong ad hoc working groups creating tailored Plone distributions already (, plone4artists, and various education efforts) which we don’t want to disrupt and can learn from. Kurt Bendl is creating some more success stories by doing similar recruiting and interviewing within and plone4artists. Chris Calloway is maintaining focus on the scope by directing tasks and organizing results.

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Today we are lucky to have mikehalm of Weblion join up with us following cjohansen of the same. I think Mike is very motivated to make this project move forward. KurtB has also gathered up my old notes on deliverables and baked them into the wiki. I made our first strawman simplistic success story.

It is important for everyone involved to understand that what we are creating is a working group factory method, not a bunch of working groups. We want to paint a picture of what kind of working groups are worthy of Plone Foundation endorsement.

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Limi asked for a progress report yesterday. I reported that only a clarification of scope and terms had been undertaken, all listed in the ticket. There is a strategy day at the Nola Symposium next week when PSPS ticket status will be reviewed.

KurtB of SixFeetUp suggested we need a place to collaborate on 7818. Cjohansen of Weblion is interested in joining us. So this openplans project was started today.

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