• Define Deliverables

last modified June 6, 2008 by cbc

Collaborate on the task "Define Deliverables."

List out things a working group might need to create success. The deliverables are actually the order and procedures for creating those things rather than the things themselves.

Acceptance Criteria
A survey to be answered by industry segment do-acracies justifying to the Plone Foundation why a working group should be created.
Industry Segments
A group of people or organizations sharing one or more characteristics that cause them to have similar product needs.
Amendments to the Plone Foundation by which working groups operate.
Working Group
Roster of the do-acracy.
Contributor Agreement
Legally binding agreement(s) assigning intellectual property rights to the Plone Foundation.
A set of commonly used tools adopted by the group for collaboration, i.e., email lists, IRC channels, calendar, svn, trac, wiki, etc.