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Plonekit contents and process - AKA Deliverables

  • Develop a proposal to the Plone Foundation to answer acceptance criteria. A checklist of those criteria should be made available to prospect working groups and should include the following information:
    • outlining opportunities for the industry segment afforded by deployment of Plone
    • marketing and development strategies to grow Plone community membership within the industry segment 
    • benefits to the greater Plone community resulting from product development to meet the special needs of the industry segment
    • methods for reporting results and meaduring success
    • list contacts in the industry segment and champions in the Plone community and Plone Foundation
    • DARCI analysis­ of contacts and responsible members­
  • Collect intellectual property agreements. Recommend strongly that contributors agreement to Plone Foundation be used and that all rights are held by the Plone Foundation.
  • Meetings for organization, product development, training, deployment strategies, consulting and support services.
  • Format for annual reporting to the Plone community and Foundation. 
  • If necessary, mentor the working group in effective use of communication and collaboration tools.

Develop and refine Plonekit contents and process (task)

  1. Analyze success. Select an exist market segments that have had success in deploying Plone, e.g., local government (i.e., PloneGov) and education. Document processes, note similarities in development goals and marketing techniques. Identify the "secret sauce" of success - can it be grafted to other industry segments? 
  2. Develop Plonekit contents and process. It's anticipated that Plonekit will go through several to many iterations.
  3. Market and distribute Plonekit via highly visible channels (plone.org) and market segment points of concentration, e.g., events, association web hubs.
  4. Shepherd the nascent working group through the Plonekit process. Plone community participants already working in those market segments are most likely to have the contacts to drive interest. Develop relationships with leaders, innovators and champions within the Plone community; demonstrate success with one or a few sites.
  5. Document success and areas for improvement. Incorporate improvements to Plonekit.
  6. Communicate successes and failures. A source of marketing stories and community development.


    Add article to the bylaws of the Plone Foundation to allow support of industry segment working groups (task)

    Liaison officers having reporting and communication duties may be established with some modification to, e.g., Article 6 - Officers. Liaison officers should be selected from the membership of the working group.

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