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last modified May 17, 2012 by cah190

I'm setting up a sprint to be held the 4 days before Plone Symposium East 2012. We've got sprinting space provided by WebLion, and I hope to get some travel funding from the foundation. The students will be on break, so we'll have full run of the area's restaurants and drinking establishments.



When: May 18-21, 2012
Where: Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
Why: Rip stuff out of Plone!

    • Eric Steele (esteele) - 18-26th.
    • David Glick (davisagli) - around May 18-22
    • Michael Mulich (pumazi)
    • Matthew Wilkes (MatthewWilkes) (Looking unlikely, but still trying!)
    • Nathan van Gheem (vangheezy)  ~ 18-25
    • Ross Patterson (zenwryly@freenode, rossp@plone.org, rpatterson@github.com) 18th-21st and 24th-26th, whole #!
    • Ed Manlove (t55e) ~ 18-23
    • Hanno Schlichting (hannosch) - 18-24 (flying out morning of 25)
    • Steve M - 19 - 24 (teaching 20, 21)
    • Craig Haynal (cah190) - May 18th-21st and 24th-26th


A note about lodging... I've got two couches in a living area and two beds in separate bedrooms for anyone that may need a place to stay. I'm offering this to people that cannot afford a place elsewhere. Contact me, Michael Mulich (pumazi), if you are interested.