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Mission Statement

We need Open Source in general and programming languages such as Python to be popularized among the new generation in Africa.

We want to set up free Python training sessions and developer events in several African countries starting in 2008.

About the sessions

We could have several types of sessions among which to choose depending on opportunities and demand:

  • Python Training (2┬ádays or more, depending on the needs). Free training to introduce the Python language.
  • Other learning gatherings such as sprints/hackathons, barcamps, democamps

Taking action !

To participate as a volunteer trainer

Add your name to the List of volunteer trainers with some details about you.

    To host a session

    If you are an African organization (university, school, company, FOSS user group or association, etc...) and can provide a "room with computers", you can help.

    Join the project to discuss on the mailing list about organizing this Python training in your city !

    To sponsor the project

    If you want to sponsor one of the next stops of the tour, see the proposed sponsorship options and contact us on the mailing list !

    Current status

    • We are sorting out the organization details, and looking for local organizations who can host a training session of the tour.
    • Interested to know where we plan to go ? Check out the work-in-progress Agenda page.



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