Kia Ora Beautiful Whanau,

Answering the call for a small, intimate, focused winter solstice gathering in the top of the south, with the specific intention/vision of going deep into ourselves and our connections; looking at our intentions and direction as a rainbow family; and to nourish, nurture and honour the spirit and heart of the Aotearoa Rainbow; we gathered together in June for solstice and in celebration of the Matariki. 

Beginning with the half waning moon; the energy of delving deeper into ourselves and our connections, and culminating with the spring cycle of the moon; the space of visioning, emerging and preparing the intention to carry through the cycle of the moon, and year. This gathering incorporated both winter solstice and the rising of the Matariki. 

This gathering had a strong main vision and intention:

“The intention to nourish, nurture and honour the spirit and heart of the Aotearoa Rainbow Family; by committing to being present; in love and authenticity, in spirit, soul, mind and body; to open to the wisdom and experience of the elders; honouring the existing guidelines and tools, exploring and using these to go deep into healing and visioning.”


Two other strong visions for this gathering were:

“We agree not to use alcohol and strong mind altering substances in this gathering. As for Tobacco, Coffee, Sugar, Marijuana; we agree not to use these substances in communal spaces and times and to hold the intention and awareness of its affect on oneself and others, as we aim to go deep and to open to our authentic selves.”

“We agree to not use mass communication for the use of sharing this gathering and to use purely one-to-one communication whether face-to-face or private messaging.”




Gerald shared a piece of his experience and photos of this gathering in the recent Newsletter, and I would like to share with you all the visions that came out of this time in relation to the next Te Wai Pounamu summer gathering of the Rainbow Family (2018) 


   Vision for the Te Wai Pounamu Summer Gathering:


“From New Moon to Full Moon Feb/march 2018, with seed-camp starting on the half moon, one full week before the main gathering begins.”


We feel that this way, apart from the physical foundations, the seeders will also have the chance to begin the creation of the energetic foundations of the gathering. This time can be precious for embodying the values & visions of the family and forming a strong pre-gathering family that can welcome and hold a full summer gathering.


Seed Camp: 8-15 February 2017

Main Gathering: 16 Feb – 18 March 2017

Allowing also one week for final packdown: 18-25 March 2017




Te Wai Pounamu. South Island. We felt the call to bring the family to the recent earthquake affected areas of the South Island (overlooked epicenter Waiaou and surrounds), to bring energy, healing and support to these areas. This resonated with all present, however no consensus was formed regarding location and the scouts are free to give new inspiration/direction.




We invite those who feel called to scout to write an invitation to scout, with their phone number as a contact and to send it through the Riseup mailing list.

We also invite those who feel called to seed, to get in contact with those who are scouting, and to also send out an invitation through the mailing list with a contact person so that those who feel called to join seed camp can communicate personally. We feel that this will help to support the growth of a strong seed camp family.  


For the gathering itself, we invite the seed-camp family to draw up an invitation, sending it out through the Riseup mailing list once seeding has been completed so that the larger family may join for the opening ceremony of the New Moon.



   Family Communication 

With regards to how we share information among the family online we had a long and meaningful discussion about the use of facebook and invitations.



“We agree that for the purpose of sharing any information regarding its gatherings, the only online mass communication means that the Aotearoa Rainbow Family will use is The Co-Activate page and the Riseup family mailing list.”



An overview of the inspiration, sentiments and strong belief that led to the consensus and what it means….


*          We have always believed in the Spirit of the Rainbow family to guide old and new family members to the gatherings and it is the strong belief of this consensus that the transition away from facebook still means that those that are seeking to, or meant to, be there will be guided by the spirit and find their way home. And for old family to be able welcome new family in, in more holistic and sustainable ways that will serve the organic blossoming growth of this beautiful precious family


*          No information regarding the location or gathering details will be posted on, or available through, facebook.


*          The purpose of the facebook page, as was originally intended, will continue to be used as a means of connecting family outside of the gatherings.


*          Preceding each gathering, an invitation will be drawn up, outlining the intentions, visions & needs (eg. Scouting…seed camp etc) specific to the gathering. This invitation too will not be posted on facebook.


*          A beautiful guide is being created sharing the story, visions and values of the rainbow family that also serves as a support tool/guide for new family at gatherings. It draws on the collective inherited wisdom & experience from past worldwide gatherings and members of the family.


*          This consensus is intended help to support the family- old and new, to return to, understand, and be true to the values and intentions of the gathering & the rainbow family. We believe this consensus to have been reached through love and not fear.



We invite you all support this consensus in regards to communicating about future gatherings by sharing, with consciousness and intention, through face to face conversation, personal messages to humans and by making use of the amazing online resource we have for this purpose: Co-Activate and the Riseup Aotearoa Rainbow Family mailing list.



In Love, through Light and Shadows

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This gathering began on the new moon (February 27). Seed camp ends with a celebration when the moon is full (3am on Monday 13 March, so full moon party Sunday night). Main gathering will continue until the new moon on Tue 28 March, followed by clean-up (leave no trace!). 

“Hey beautiful family!!

The directions to 2017 Te Wai Pounamu gathering…

After exploring different parts of the west coast from Karamea to Punakaiki and meeting some amazing people along the way, we went up the Bullock Creek Road just north of Punakaiki where we came upon a beautiful, wild, vast grassy valley amidst limestone cliffs and caverns…

So we explored this valley and at the end, on the way to Mount Bovis, alongside the pristine fresh bullock creek we came across a magical fantasy land..

To find this place…

About 1-2kms north of Punakaiki, and 54ish kms south of Westport along the west coast highway you will come across Bullock Creek Road, follow this gravel road up the valley 6kms to the carpark.

From there follow the track across the grasslands in the direction of Mt Bovis. 40mins from the carpark you will cross Bullock Creek. From here continue along the track, or follow the river for another 10-15minutes.

Keep your heart, ears and eyes open and you shall find home.

Please be aware family, as always, when in the wild, mother nature reminds us of just how wild she can be..

This valley is prone to very quick rising water levels and potentially dangerous floods. There is a lot of marshland, various sink holes and at some point bullock creek just dissapears underground…

The  gathering site/sites are safe, from flooding and there is plenty of high ground, but the river and road may flood so prepare to be either in or out in case of high rains.

The bullock creek road will be closed in cases of flooding or water damage and the gate may be closed or locked (from the highway). In this case i would recommend finding alternate parking as there is not much place beside the highway. It may be a good idea to talk to local people and ask permission to park on our outside their land.

This adds an extra 6kms to the walk in.

The closest places for food and fuel are either Westport (54kms north) or Greymouth (45kms south).

Westport there is a small organic store called Ko Minaya Wholefoods on the main road and supermarkets

In Greymouth there are larger supermarkets and a larger organic store called The Cooks Pantry on Guinness Street.

Josh is in Christchurch and can do bulk buying in 2 portions.. Please get hold of him if you can help and want to be involved with this :)

As there was no magic hat left over from the Pohongina Valley gathering we are starting from scratch so please come with energy, intention, and abundance so we may begin seeding well nourished and with high energy  :)

Arohanui family and well see you all soooon!!”

- Lucia Kowhai (via the rainbow-aotearoa email list. the best way to get up-to-date news from the whānau)

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From Romain:

“Kia Ora Whanau, good afternoon family,

The two other scouts and I have agreed to a consensus on the location of the North Island Rainbow Gathering and so forth I am honored to let you know that we have successfully found a place for our formidable family to gather on.

We are now entering in the seeding part of the Gathering. Everyone which is keen on working hard to build up the energy is welcome ; we need tools as well : spades, shovels, saws, axes, hatchets, pickaxes,…

The following items are more than welcome : fabric, big pots / pans, ropes, tarps, barbecue grills (or anything to cook safely on a flat surface), music instruments (with the players ;) ), love, courage and whatever could serve the community from your perspective…

The Gathering site is located on a land which hosts a family of wild cows, we suspect a family of wild pigs as well, a very large family of mosquitoes (you really want to consider bringing some mosquitoes repellent if you have a delicious sweet blood) and a very large range of different native birds (you might want to bring some binoculars for birdwatching).

We would like to communicate that there is not many parking spots around the site, we then encourage RIDESHARES and HITCHHIKING! Be aware that accessing the site requires crossing a river.

To access the site : from Ashhurst, take Cambridge Avenue for approximately 10 km, turn right onto Pohangina Valley East Road, drive for approximately 12 km, look up for the entrance of the Gilchrist and Pettifar walk (left-hand side of the road). Park at the entrance of the walk. To join the site, walk the Gilchrist walk until the path allows you to go either straight or right. Take the path on your right, follow up to the river. From this bank of the river, just shout and one of us will come help you and guide you to the site!

The closest network coverage : Ashhurst

The closest city : Palmerston North

You might want to write down those few REALLY important addresses :

Pak’n’save : 32 Ferguson Street, Palmerston North

Organic Living Healthfoods : 337 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North

Midcentral sexual health service : Heretaunga Street, Roslyn, Palmerston North

(please check up for your sexual health if have any doubts, it’s FREE)

I would as well like to acknowledge my recognition for the trust that has been given to us scouts.

Love, Light and Unity <3

See you in 5 minutes lovely beings!”

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One of the visions from the vision council at the southern gathering was to have a winter gathering of te whānau uenuku, around the time of the winter solstice and Matariki (the southern new year). A time to vision and set intentions for guiding the rainbow energy through the coming year. As Annalee mentioned, Josh offered his place at Leithfield Beach to host the first Matariki hui kaitiaki.


  • Growing our kaitiakitanga for the rainbow gatherings here in Aotearoa (eg storing and transporting shared gear like big pots and portable structures)
  • Grounding the rainbow energy in Aotearoa outside of gathering time (eg guiding travellers to shared land where they can give mahi and stay on the rainbow wavelength)
  • Rainbow supported permaculture - with directing magic hat energy into supporting whānau growing food, not just sustainably, but regeneratively
  • Visions for the upcoming summer gatherings and other events and activities
  • Synergistic systems

We envision this gathering lasting for 10 days, and we ask brothers and sisters to commit to being present for the whole 10 days, so we can really go deep and build the energy. A few days ago, we discovered that the winter solstice and the full moon are both on the evening of Monday 20 June, about half an hour apart! 20 June seems like the perfect time to end the retreat, which means arriving on the afternoon or evening of Friday 10 June. Other than the shorter length, and the intention to commit for the whole gathering, the usual rainbow guidelines apply (decisions made in circles, vegan communal meals funded by magic hat, families welcome, no alcohol and other dangerous drugs etc).

Josh and friends also plan to put on a Matariki hangi the day after rainbow time ends (Tuesday 21 June), which will cater for vegans, but will also include traditional animal foods, like tuna (eel) and whitebait, for those who want to partake. All welcome at the hangi, even if you can’t make it to the hui.

What to bring:

  • koha for the magic hat (cash, food etc)
  • kai to go in the hangi
  • camping/ sleeping/ eating gear
  • roundhouse, yurt, or tipi

If you intend to join us, or you want to help, please contact:

Josh: 021 11 34 4984,,

Strypey: 021 11 77 578,

More information:

Puaka/ Matariki:

Winter solstice:

Moon phases for Waitaha/ Canterbury:

He mihi aroha ki a koutou

Piki mai, kake mai

Josh, Strypey, Eden

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Te Ika a Maui (North Island) rainbow gathering.

9th of March to the 7th of April 2016. Full Moon is 24 March.

A site has been found near Whangarei.  Directions.  The site is at 269 Waiotu Road, north of Whangarei. Turnoff State Highway 1 at Hukerenui, on to  Tapuhi Road (on the right going north), stay on Tapuhi Road, go past Waiotu Block Road,  then turn right at Nelson Road into Waiotu Road. The site is at the end of this road. Waiotu Road is 14 kms from the SH1 and should take a ½ hour by car. Please note: Keep a careful watch for other traffic, which may include logging trucks.

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Kia ora Whanau

Good news! we have a site and it’s a majestic barefoot and child friendly wonderland. Shaded open forest and wide open fields with a playful river winding through.

The site is in the back of the valley running adjacent to the place we gathered for the world rainbow in 2009. It uses the same entrance and car park but at the last river crossing after the walk in turn left up river.

To get there follow HW 65 between Springs junction and Murchison then turn to Rappahannack valley rd, car park is at the entrance to Caves rd.

We ask to please not post the direction onto the Facebook  rainbow page. Thankyou.

See you soon Family.



PS Just a reminder:

Seed camp started on new moon, january the 10th.

Main gathering begins with the full moon celebration, january 24th, and finishes february 9th.

Rainbow is a co-created experience; “when we share, we create abundance”. Whānau coming to help with seed camp, staying for clean up, and taking on focalizing roles during the gathering, is always needed and appreciated; “if you see a job that needs doing, it’s yours!”

Image: Location map showing site.


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Kia ora whanau. The Te Wai Pounamu rainbow gathering. The site is still unconfirmed. Scouting will re-commence after the New Year. More help would be great, especially folk with vehicles. Whanau coming south for the gathering can head to Canterbury and await further information. There are a number of camping grounds in the greater Christchurch area which provide tent sites and  campervan sites  listed on Jasons Hugs. Gerald Davidson on behalf of Strypey (021-1177578).

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sharing the vision

Karamea vision circle envisioned the next gathering for the family … 

two gathering next year , one south one north as envisioned in coromendel !!

the first in south island , with the wish of seeing more families , children and kiwis , so right in the middle of the school holidays and after christmas celebration !!!

location in the south of the south with christchurch for the northest place the gathering could be held  

seed camps start on new moon january the 10th 

full moon january 24th and finish febraury 9 th


second gathering in wahekei island as envisioned in coromandel ,

seed camp 9 th of march 

full moon march 24 

close 7th april 

out of holiday season that we heard very crowded there …


so go scouts go go growers go !!! lets plants the seeds in our hearts now that the beautiful flowers of the rainbow grow all together when we meet again


Scout are needed for both of these gatherings, collectively we grow 


~~Vision shared by Ben~~ 

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Kia ora and hello Whanau. A call for copy for the next Newsmail. If you have anything you would wish to be included, such as news items, comments, creative writing, photographs, poems, artwork, drawings, other issues of interest please get hold of me at  The next issue is due out around summer solstice and by that time the details of the Te Wai Pounamu (South Is.) gathering will be available. I have been working with Ramon Sender, who co-founded Morningstar and is associated with Wheeler’s, two open land communities, to the north of San Francisco, crushed by the authorities in the early 1970s. It is a fascinating but disturbing tale to go in the next Newsmail. He has let me use their extensive archive and re-publish a series of stunning pictures. One of the interesting matters to come up in my discussions with Ramon is that technology now exists to restore photographs by sharpening each pixel. This has been developed in China and was used on a out of focus Morningstar picture from 1967 to produce a top quality publishing standard photograph then included in a recent book on communities in California. Hugs to everyone, Gerald.  

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Kia ora Family:

 I wish to propose that a Rainbow Family  Vision Council is held. What do people think?  There appears to be some confusion over the dates for the forthcoming Rainbow Gatherings. There is a suggestion that a Rainbow supported healing event is held this year. Rather than having an internet discussion it seems to me that it would be more useful for those interested to come together in person in a Vision Circle. I would suggest a location in the north, perhaps Coromandel, one weekend in late winter or early spring.

I would also like to take this opportunity to post a note about the Rainbow Garden. This project is part of the consensus of the Rainbow at Coromandel, to be put in over this winter at Coromandel for the Gathering at Waiheke. Volunteers should contact John and Celia at Coromandel or email me at  It is not expected that anyone involved should be on the land all winter. All help is gratefully received.  Love and blessings. Gerald.


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