Greetings to one and all!

Love brings us together in our temple, to celebrate , share give and heal together!

This year , magic striked again  , papatuanuku invited us to celebrate on her ground in the beauty full baton valley!

 From February 15th to March 13(ish)

For an other moon cycle!

Location is 


From Motueka, drive south on Motueka river west bank road or on Motueka valley road till you can cross the river then , follow the west bank road…,till the road becomes gravel , then  , 13 kilometers look for welcome home sign on the right!

Parking on the left in the paddock , drive straight in passed the wood pile then park anywhere on the left side! 

KEEP GATES CLOSED AT ALL TIME animals live there!

This is private land and the owner want you to know that the farm is a multiple hazard area,( bees, wasps, electric fences, horses and machinery..)they therefore invite you to take your responsibility and agree to “enter at your own risks ” meaning that you are aware of the hazards and are the only reliable person for what May or may not happen to you!

We condensed :

That smoking practices will happen only in the smoko temple

That only welcome, sacred , tipi and kitchen fires will be ! No private fire !

The land has many potential flood areas therefore, make sure to inform yourself at the welcome  about this areas, to avoid undesirable surprises if rain were to come !


Hope to see you soon dear family,

With love and peace




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 Greetings to all!

 Today happened  our first scouring circle in motueka!

Beauty full and strong intentions are now floating in the void!

From there , 

Two teams are hitting the road for two different missions,

One drawn to scout few spots in south kaourangi national park and the Richmond ranges, if keen on helping, call ziggy 027 604 8099


One going to kaikoura  , if keen to join call jake



Regarding seed camp, planned to start on february9th, 

Some energy cam be already put on the mission,

_ collecting/ transporting the gears ( can you please share info if you know about it or are on the mission already?)

- finding a fresh organic veggies and fruit supplier in top of the south and or kaikoura, keen on supplying big quantities over the next month !

Same, please let the family know if you take on that chore 

_ find light structures like tipi big tent.. 

 _ gather natural medicines, first aid kits herbs and other medicines to help prevent and cure any dis ease 


And anything else you feel would be needed !


See you in 5 


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i am glad to call a scooting the circle for the south island gathering 2018

i am amazed that so many bro and sis are feeling like taking on the mission this year !

and heard of so any ideas, motivations , and teams on the go !!

So , familly, it feels like having a scooting circle, (to share visions, plans, ideas , and form scooting teams .. )

will help the all process!

 We invite you :

TOMORROW, 11 AM in Motueaka’s japanese gardens , close to I site

if you feel that you want/have to be a part of the process, please join us tomorow , to find home together !!


love and gratitude 




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Last year we received the call to bring the gathering to Taranaki, we called and our family heard. This year our Taranaki whanau have invited rainbow to come to Taranaki, their ipukarea, the land of Parihaka, for the Te Ika a Maui (north island) gathering 2019.

The call for this gathering to be a land for children, where they may be safe to roam and explore. Protected, safe and held by the land. 






Beginning: New moon 5th of April

Full Moon: Midday 19th April 

Finishing: New moon 4th of May

Including the easter school holidays from the 14th to the 29th of April.

Seed camp beginning the week before at the half waning moon - 28th of march



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   Vision for the Te Wai Pounamu Summer Gathering:


“From New Moon to new Moon Feb/march 2018, with seed-camp starting on the half moon, one full week before the main gathering begins.”


We feel that this way, apart from the physical foundations, the seeders will also have the chance to begin the creation of the energetic foundations of the gathering. This time can be precious for embodying the values & visions of the family and forming a strong pre-gathering family that can welcome and hold a full summer gathering.


Seed Camp: 8-15 February 2018

Main Gathering: 16 Feb – 18 March 2018

Allowing also one week for final packdown: 18-25 March 2018




Te Wai Pounamu. South Island.


We felt the call to bring the family to the recent earthquake affected areas of the South Island (east coast - overlooked epicenter Waiaou, kaikoura and surrounds), to bring energy, healing and support to these areas.


This resonated with all present, however no consensus was formed regarding location and the scouts are free to give new inspiration/direction.




We invite those who feel called to scout to write an invitation to scout, with their phone number as a contact and to send it through the Riseup mailing list.

We also invite those who feel called to seed, to get in contact with those who are scouting, and to also send out an invitation through the mailing list with a contact person so that those who feel called to join seed camp can communicate personally. We feel that this will help to support the growth of a strong seed camp family.  


For the gathering itself, we invite the seed-camp family to draw up an invitation, sending it out through the Riseup mailing list once seeding has been completed so that the larger family may join for the opening ceremony of the New Moon.



   Family Communication 

With regards to how we share information among the family online we had a long and meaningful discussion about the use of facebook and invitations.



“We agree that for the purpose of sharing any information regarding its gatherings, the only online mass communication means that the Aotearoa Rainbow Family will use is The Co-Activate page and the Riseup family mailing list.”

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Beloved family

Last year at the North Island Rainbow Gathering we envisioned this years’ gathering to materialize in Taranaki. With the coming of this year and the flow of new energies, the location for the North Island Rainbow has been re-visioned. In December 2017 we will gather in the Coromandel magical fairy forest, joined by grandfather tree..!!

Its seed has been planted where it already grew so beautifully..Come and join to create a month of healing-awakening-celebrating in a space of sharing!!

Directions to the land are: drive to Coromandel town.. From there take Kennedy Rd over into Tuateawa Rd to number 333 - firmly stated to respect the inhabitants of the property and bypass the houses straight to the parking (you have to pass the houses to get to the parking). All the cars have to be on the parking and not visible from the road.. And there is a bush track from the parking deep in the bush towards a river and a clearing (main fire, kitchen), expect it to be different than what you expect.

Bring love…. craziness, creativity… music instruments for jam session to pump the rainbow-heartbeat, tools (spade, axe, saw, hummer,…), any useful gears (tarps, big pots to cook on fire, water tanks..please contact Gerald or myself if you are able to pick up Rainbow-gears from his place down in Wellington) lots of teatree oil (and some spray bottles). 

We gonna try to be free of plastic bags…

As reminded during the winter gathering our intention is first of all to nourish, nurture and honour Gaia… SO EVERYTHING WE COME WITH WILL LEAVE WITH US just bare-footprints to hold the memories ;)

We are already in seed camp preparation period, entering into our Rainbow cycle on the 18th December New Moon and coming to an end on the 19thJanuary New Moon (Super Full Moon on the 1st January).

Let’s get started to connect with Mother Earth and spend Christmas in Family!!

We are LOVE!!

By our sister Elise.

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We need to get the rainbow gear, tarps, pots, kettles, ropes, saws, spades, some dry goods etc., to the gathering for the family. The gear is stored at my place in Petone, Wellington. If anyone is available for this mission travelling through Wellington up the island to the rainbow in the next few days please email or text me 022-3179890 


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Tom;s cellphone is 022 530 2158

Thanks so much!

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This message is on behalf on Tom.

 Tom, a rainbow brother,  wants to hold a vision circle  this Sunday in Napier for the north island gathering…
This Sunday will have a vision council at marine parade 1pm rainbow time.. (down from the music shell) will have slack line, message talking stick, music, singing and juggling and of course trying to assemble a scouting crew ASAP ”</p
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To all my rainbowsis and my rainbrows!

Spring is here , the bees are back on the flowers , the woolly jumper are going back into there draws , and all the rainbows get out of there caves , squats , island , forests… to roam the world once again and gather around the fire as a family !!
yeaahhhh gathering time !
here we go,
two gatherings this year , one around chrismas in the North island
One in the south island , between february and march !

As usual , a scooting team will rise from the void , creating the sparkle for the next gathering !
if any of you knows about an already existing missions , or if any of you know that he or they will be that spark,
please create a post like that one on the blog to share your adventure , to invite and link anyone keen on being part of finding rainbow land once again.

Two mission are needed , on for the north , one for the south .
The North island Gathering Is NEXT MONTH !

Family gears are curently sleeping in Nelson , feel free to contact me about it
with love and gratitude

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