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te whānau uenuku o Aotearoa, the rainbow family of New zealand

welcome all people of peace to gather in unity!

 Rainbow Gatherings are co-created, non-commercial, living love events -

 - where we all participate to make magic happen!  

For a full  version of our familly guidebook, click 🌈


Seed Camp : New Moon

One week before the main gathering begins, we gather to prepare the site.

All welcome to help:
build camp kitchen,
dig compost loos,
paint signs,
prepare the welcome centre,
create the Sacred Fire
and the Main Circle space.

At the main gathering we share the blossoming : 14 days around Full Moon

Community living celebration continues for another two weeks, peaking on the Full Moon. 
During this time we focus on song, art, music and drumming circles, dancing, food circles, spontaneous workshops, massage, yoga, nature, swimming, story telling, plenty of chai and fireside friends ...and whatever else you imagine to behold!

 Rainbow Gatherings are family friendly, drug&alcohol free, cut no living  tree, leave all electrickery behind (no phones only torches), vegetarian, and  we have a strong Kaupapa - please inform yourself (:

Clean-up Camp : last quarter to Dark Moon

We leave the land as beautiful as we found it.

Clean-up is from the end of main gathering until the land we
gather on is once more beautiful nature & rubbish-free.


Na te maramatanga
kei te ngakau o te Atua

Ki a koha te maramatanga
ki te ngakau o te Tangata

Ki a koha te maramatanga
ki te ao

Ma te maramatanga
Ma te aroha
Ma te kaha e whakau
te whakaro nui te ao

Tihei mauri ora

foodcircle04.jpgWhat is a rainbow gathering?

Rainbow gatherings have been held all over the world since 1972; celebrating Sustainable Peaceful Living, Sharing and Respect for Mother Earth & our fellow creatures. Ancient & indigenous peoples see the Rainbow as a sign of Hope and Peace. The now-age movement see & feel the Rainbow energy as an Inspirational source of Healing for all people and for the planet.

As life gets more frantic, Rainbow is a way to experience the viability of an alternative lifestyle, based on simplicity, co-operation, and respect for ALL living beings. 

If you can offer a lift to a gathering, or if you’re seeking one, you can join the noospheric talking circle to focalise ride-sharing.

Some wisdom which makes our gathering harmonious :

Circles are an old tradition. Everything is provided for the circle by the circle. There are NO leaders. We honour the divine in everyone & trust spirit to guide each of us to give our energy in a perfect way. We learn the art of spontaneously providing our communal and personal needs. We come together morning & evening for family circles to eat and talk. A talking stick is passed around to share news and discuss issues & feelings. All decisions are made by Consensus.

Sacred Fire in the centre of the main circle represents our spirit and is kept burning throughout. Please bring wood to the fire. No rubbish is burned here (that includes food scraps and cigarette butts). It is the heart of the gathering.

Magik Hat provides food & supplies while we gather. Please bring KOHA (donations). As the gathering is totally NON-COMMERCIAL there is no fee for entry, camping, workshops or food. Everything is shared freely from the heart. Vegan food is prepared in the communal kitchen & served twice a day - we need your participation in the kitchen! The magik hat is passed around the circle for contributions to continued abundance.

Talking Stick empowers individuals to speak and be heard. It is passed around the circle or left in the centre for those having something to share. Please don't interrupt the person holding the talking stick. This enables us to share our dreams, views and needs; to listen and learn
in a safe and sacred space.

Workshops are how we share our skills... freely, informally & friendly. You can have a workshop on anything, anytime...

Welcome Centre is the 1st stop, sharing info, chai, and a bed for late arrivals. We walk in to the gathering. Cars are parked away from the camp. There are always helping hands for heavy loads and families - maybe even a wheelbarrow?

Rainbow gatherings honour the living earth as our mother.
We tread lightly on Papatuanuku - with care and respect for ALL living beings.
We cut no living trees.
We celebrate diversity with tolerance + acceptance. 


 Children are welcome. We create a kidspace 4 magikal play. Please respect children as  they are creating our future NOW.


WHAT TO BRING : Openness, Compassion & All Your Love!
Also all your camp gear, musical instruments, paints & crafts to share, candles and lamps, and especially your own bowl, cup and cutlery for food circles!

COMMUNAL NEEDS : please bring tarps, ropes, hessian, big cooking pots & kitchen gear, saws, picks, spades, shovels, food (organic preferred), tipis, yurts, and treats.

WHAT TO LEAVE BEHIND : Negativity and a Babylon attitude!
Drugs - including alcohol. By loving each other we get high on spirit. Herbs and herbal preps are welcome as a sacred gift from the mother.
Pets - leave 'em in good care at home. This avoids hygiene issues, dog fights and animals escaping to harm native wildlife or children.
Electronika - we gather in nature in simplicity, so please leave battery operated stuff - cell phones, cameras, speakers etc, in your car or at home. 
Disposables - what we carry in we carry out. We leave the gathering site as beautiful as we found it. Please leave plastic and other potential junk behind.

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