• What is this website?

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What is this website?


Seasonal Newsmail

Welcome to a hopepage for te whanau uenuku, the rainbow family of Aotearoa New Zealand.

This CoActivate.org service is free of charge, and powered by free code software.

This ­site is a wikiwikiweb, like Wikipedia, which means anyone can change or add to what's here. To do this you:

  1. Sign up for a free CoActivate account (similar to signing up for free email sites, social networking sites etc).
  2. Click the 'EDIT' button at the top right of a page, and make your changes to the text.
  3. Add links to other sites by selecting some words in the text­, clicking the 'Link' button, and putting in the web address to link t.
  4. Create new wikipages by putting two round brackets around a word or phrase in the text.
  5. Finally, click the big 'Save' button and bottom, done!
  6. Click on the green link with the "+", and your new page will appear. Now you can write in it and stuff.
  7. Please remember to put information that will go out of date (eg call outs for next gathering) on the News (blog) page, or make a new page for it as described above. Kia ora whānau ;) 
  8. If you are afraid of breaking something, have a play first in the SandBox