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One week of hacking on and meeting Plone with experienced Plonistas and EECS students.


July 27 - August 2, 2010


Espoo, Finland


Joni Orponen +358 50 371 5064, first.last at gmail.com

Nejc Zupan +386 40 730 735, first.last at gmail.com

Sprint Topics for Participating Plonistas

  • Focus on tasks for current 4.x release
  • Remember and Membrane kinks
    • Getting remember to run on Plone 4
  • Translations updates
    • Italian
    • Finnish
    • Greek
    • Serbian
    • Slovenian
  • Documenting Plone
  • Work on eestec.net (documentation, bugfixes, planning, etc.)
  • Sharing Deliverance experiences


Sponsors, Donators and Partners


Help us!

All contributions will be used to cover expenses for sprint participants in the following priority order:

  1. Sprint venue and accommodation for students (same facilities in question)
  2. Food for student participants
  3. T-shirts for students
  4. Niceties for all participants (tastings, movie theatre, etc...)
  5. Travel expenses of students
  6. Freebies for plonistas too


Plonistas vs. EESTECers

The sprint will be divided into 2 parts/groups:

Plonistas (http://plone.org/events/community/sauna-sprint-2010/)

'Normal' Plone guys, sprinting on general Plone topics. They have to cover most of the expenses themselves.

If your are on a tight budget and don't mind sleeping on army bunks with students and cooking for yourself: Contact us, we might have some beds to give you for free.


EESTECers (http://eestec.net/lc/helsinki/it-sauna-sprint)

EESTEC is a non-political, non-profit organization of and for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) students at universities, institutes and technical schools in Europe awarding an engineering degree. 

Since this sprint is an official EESTEC event, all accommodation and food expenses for students are covered by the organizer, LC Helsinki. The main thing that the students need to cover themselves are their travel expenses. However, if we are lucky and get lots of sponsors and donations, we'll be able to cover a part of these expenses as well.

EESTEC sprinters will be divided into smaller groups based on their experience with Plone. During the sprint they will get introduced to Plone, how to use is as a power user and how to develop with it. Those with previous experience will work on documenting and bugfixing eestec.net,  EESTEC's Plone portal.

If you are an EECS student, consider joining EESTEC! 


Sprint Venue

We'll have fast enough internet with WLAN connectivity.

Free sauna in the same building, everyday till 3am.

We have the place for ourselves for 24/7 so through-the-night coding sessions are possible.

EESTEC students will be sleeping in the same building. There is also a kitchen where those who are on a budget can prepare food. Ingredients for students will be covered.


Bonuses, free for all, including Plonistas

  • Sauna, every day till 3am, at the sprint venue
  • Fast enough internet at the sprint venue
  • Home brewn beer, provided for by the organizers 
  • Board games

Bonuses, potentially not free

  • Movie theatre, 1080p, proper audio http://www.kinopoli.fi/kp/ (20 people fit in, 16 EESTECcers coming to event)
  • TV recording studio, 1080i50 capable, proper lighting, proper audio (we will be shooting interviews during the week and the end symposium/seminar)
  • Rum tasting (For Plonistas, approx. 15EUR) 
  • Beer tasting (For Plonistas, approx. 10EUR)
  • Academical table party (For Plonistas, approx. 12EUR) 



 Date  General purpose  Also
27.7. arrival day initial meeting, setup, tests, sauna, DownloadTheInternetTM
28.7. coding day

coding, movie night or whatever_we_want

coding day
coding, beer tasting, sauna
relax/chillout day
relaxation day, academical table party, sauna
coding day
coding, rum tasting, sauna
coding, wrap-up
coding, wrap-up presentations (shot for TV), sauna
departure day
cleaning up, leaving


format: name, IRC nickname, how surely are you coming


  • Mikko Ohtamaa
  • Kai Lautaportti 
  • Wyn Williams 
  • David Siedband, siebo
  • Florian Friesdorf, chaoflow, 100%
  • Joel Burton, joelburton in #plone, 75% likely
    (most interested in helping to lead some doc-writing efforts for Plone 4; attendance is going to depend on my finding some funding)


  • Nejc Zupan, zupo
  • Joni Orponen, Rotonen
  • Domen Kozar, iElectric
  • Vilmos Somogyi, vilmoss
  • Tanács Ferenc, Feri
  • Chris Perivolaropoulos, fakedrake
  • Arlind Doberdolani
  • Alexandra Kalimeri
  • Blerina Goce
  • John Sotiriou
  • Nenad Mancevic, Manca 
  • Adam Mihelcsik, enemihi 
  • Andrej Pangerčič, andrejpan
  • Vedran Furač, vf

Travel and Accommodation 


Students will sleep and eat at the sprint location. All accommodation and food expenses will be covered by the organizer. In case of free resources we can also host Plonistas, but note that we'll be in a really low-budget setting (army bunks, 18 + 6 people, cooking ourselves). We have 16 guests, out of which 3 girls. This leaves 3 empty beds in the girls' room and 5 empty beds in the guys' room.


Hostel and Hotel options in EUR starting from cheapest:

  1. http://www.stadionhostel.fi/cms/?cid=16&br_mid=8&lang=2
  2. http://www.omenahotels.com/
  3. http://www.sokoshotels.fi/hotellit/espoo/
  4. http://www.hotelkamp.com/

Accommodation pricing per night:

1) cheap hostel - 20eur / dorm spot, 47eur / twin room, 38eur single room
2) cheap hotel - ~50eur / room
3) decent hotel - ~100eur / room
4) luxury hotel - ~500-1500eur / room

ADDITIONAL NOTE: using local travel search systems (especially German ones) you might stumble upon incredible offers. Do share with others if you indeed do happen to find one.

Travel costs:

Option number 3 is in 15min walking distance of our coding central.

Public transportation:
3-day ticket: 24eur
7-day ticket: 48eur

Google maps links:
Stadion hostel: http://dy.fi/y0o
Omena hotel: http://dy.fi/y0y
Tapiola Garden hotel: http://dy.fi/y0c
Kämp: http://dy.fi/y0b

Coding central: http://dy.fi/y0u

Arrival methods:

1) Direct flight to Helsinki
2) Flight to Tampere, train or bus to Helsinki
3) Flight to Turku, train or bus to Helsinki
4) Flight to Lappeenranta, train or bus to Helsinki
5) Flight to Tallinn, boat to Helsinki
6) Flight to Stockholm, boat to Helsinki
7) Somehow to Rostock, boat to Helsinki
8) Flight to Vaasa, train or bus to Helsinki
9) Flight to Oulu, train or bus to Helsinki
10) Flight to Kuopio, train or bus to Helsinki
11) Flight to Rovaniemi, train or bus to Helsinki

Flight prices to Finland in July and away in August: http://dy.fi/era


General costs and prices 

Food and drinks

Fast food 5-10eur
Lunch 10-20eur
Dinner 20-30eur
Dinner menu with drinks 30-50eur

Beer in shop 1-2eur
Beer in bar 2-8eur

Half a litre of vodka in a shop 12eur
Shot in bar 2-5eur

Drink in bar 5-10eur


With WLAN at the sprint venue (free)

Can organize wired internet if someone decides to take a rack server or some other potentially interesting hardware with them

Mobile: 7eur for 7 days of prepaid 4mbit 3G sim card, available from most kiosks


About Helsinki, it's University of Technology and the campus

Helsinki is the capital of Finland with over half a million inhabitants. Over the centuries, Sweden and Russia have played tennis with Finland and Helsinki was formed basically out of a fishing town when Finland fell in the hands of Russia for the last time and the previous capital of Turku was deemed inappropriately located by Russian naval strategists. Helsinki is only 300km from St. Petersburg, 80km from Tallinn and about 400km from Stockholm.

So by this mighty decree of the Russian emperor, they started building a grand capital basically on top of swampland and surprisingly enough the combination of Russian ignorance and Finnish stubbornness produced a city in a few decades. This results in a lot of the older central Helsinki being rather uniform in its Art Nouveau style, which attracts a lot of architectural interest.

Helsinki has essentially grown together with its neighbouring cities of Espoo and Vantaa and the only way you can notice the borders between them is a sign on a street. In this "Helsinki metropolitan area" there are about one million inhabitants. There is also the concept of a "greater Helsinki area", which also includes 9 satellite cities around the area, which racks up the population in the area to about 1,3 million people, which is one fourth of the entire population of Finland. While Finland manages to be rather sparsely populated, Helsinki manages to have the most densely populated city district in Europe. This comes from the day and age of industrial revolution when they had a need to provide efficient living quarters for factory workers.

Helsinki University of Technology (actually known as Aalto University School of Science as of January 2010), the campus on which this event is actually held on, is in fact in Espoo. Originally the university was in the centre of Helsinki, but during WWII the Soviet Union managed to bomb down the essential facilities. Amongst one of the first buildings they bombed down was their own embassy. Out of the remnants of this embassy the crafty and resourceful technical students built their own red brick student village in Otaniemi, Espoo. Later the school migrated after them onto the campus where we still are. 


Logo and T-Shirts

Logo is at the top-right of this page.

T-Shirts with Sprint logo and sponsors/partners will probably be free for EESTECers and about 10 EUR for Plonistas.


Visa Information