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A week of making Plone more approachable for developers by bringing together experienced Plonistas and eager-to-learn EECS students. With lots of sauna.

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July 23 - July 30, 2011



Tampere, Finland



Joni Orponen +358 50 371 5064, first.last at gmail.com, Rotonen on #plone and #saunasprint

Nejc Zupan +386 40 730 735, first.last at gmail.com, zupo on #plone and #saunasprint

#saunasprint @ FreeNode


Sprint Topics

  • Make Buildout more friendly
    • error messages that actually tell you what went wrong
    • dry-run mode
    • roll-back
  • plone.reload
    • make it reload automatically, without pressing the reload button
    • make it more robust (use forking, etc.)
  • Entry-level documentation
    • update and add more documentation for entry-level developers
    • plone.app.theming  + ZIP uploadable themes
    • observing how EECS students go through our documentation and where they get stuck


Sponsors, Donators and Partners


Help us!

All contributions will be used to cover expenses for sprint participants in the following priority order:

  1. Sprint venue and accommodation
  2. Food
  3. Niceties (t-shirts, tastings, etc...)
  4. Travel expenses for students
  • Help us by sponsoring! (write to Joni Orponen at first.last gmail.com)

Sprint Venue

For the first few days we'll be at the Tampere University of Technology then we relocate to a lakeside cottage. With sauna.

We have the place for ourselves for 24/7 so through-the-night coding sessions are possible. The schedule of wakeups (or the lack thereof) and whatnot is also intended to be relaxed and brainstorming-coding "hammer the iron while it is hot" oriented.

Sprint cottage 

Sprint cottage, hidden among trees


View from the Sprint cottage


 Sauna with direct access to the lake

 Platform for jumping in the lake

Platform for jumping in the lake after a sauna session
(mini-island aka. "isolated meeting room" is also visible)


One of the "forest meeting rooms"

Bonuses, free for all

  • Sauna, every day if someone bothers to chop some wood. Yes, wood. 
  • Home brewn beer, provided for by the organizers. (Last year's Alex Limi Pale Ale and Geir Baekholt Stout were well received.)

Bonuses, potentially, but not free 

  • T-Shirts
  • Beer tasting (approx. 10EUR)
  • Chocolate tasting (approx. 20EUR) 


 Date  General purpose  Also
Sat 23.7. arrival day initial meeting, setup, tests, sauna
Sun 24.7. Tampere Campus day  

splitting into groups, planning work for next days, getting up-to-speed, sightseeing (optional)

Mon 25.7.
coding day
relocate to lakeside cottage, coding, sauna
Tue 26.7.
coding day
coding, BBQ, sauna        
Wed 27.7.
coding day
coding, BBQ, sauna
Thu 28.7. 
coding day
coding, BBQ, sauna
Fri 29.7.
wrap-up day wrap-up presentations, sauna 
Sat 30.7.
departure day
cleaning up, leaving


format: name, company/party/etc., IRC nickname, how surely are you coming


 Application via Coactivate (Join this project).

  • Nejc Zupan, NiteoWeb Ltd., zupo, 100%
  • Domen Kožar, NiteoWeb Ltd., iElectric, 100%
  • Joni Orponen, Dodreams Ltd., Rotonen, 100%
  • Wyn Williams, Devaus oy, Wyn, 100%
  • Florian Friesdorf, BlueDynamics Alliance, chaoflow, 90%
  • Robert Niederreiter, BlueDynamics Alliance, rnix, (sadly canceled)

  • Asko Soukka, University of Jyväskylä, datakurre, 100% (will stay for 25.7. - 28.7 or 29.7.)
  • Jukka Ojaniemi, University of Jyväskylä, pingviini, 100% (will stay for 25.7 - 30.7.)
  • Andrej Pangerčič, EESTEC, andrejpan, 100%(will stay from 23.7. to 30.7)
  • Martijn Pieters, Jarn AS, MJ, 100%
  • Kai Lautaportti, Hexagon IT Oy, dokai, 100% (will stay for 26.7. - 28.7.)
  • Mikko Ohtamaa, mFabrik,100%
  • Vilmos Somogyi, EESTEC, vilmoss, 100%
  • Timo Sulg, startupper , timgluz, 100%
  • Esa-Matti Suuronen, University of Jyväskylä, Epeli, 100% (will stay for 25.7 - 30.7.) 100%
  • Taito Horiuchi, Hexagon IT Oy, taito, 100% (will stay for 26.7. - 28.7.)
  • Tom Gross, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, tom_gross, 100% (will stay for 24.7. - 29.7.)
  • Roel Bruggink, Four Digits, Jaroel|4D (will stay from 26.7 - 30.7)
  • Franklin Kingma, Four Digits, kingel|4D (will stay from 26.7 - 30.7)
  • Sjoerd van Elferen, Four Digits Sjoerd|4D (will stay from 26.7 - 30.7)

EESTEC participants

Application via http://eestec.net/lc/tampere/plone-sauna-sprint-2011 - deadline 2011-06-12

Travel and Accommodation  

We have 20 beds in the cottage plus a surplus army tent outside; you can also bring your personal tent.

Sprinters will sleep and eat at the sprint location. All accommodation and food expenses will be covered by the organizers.

Accommodation is pretty basic in level. You can bring a tent if you prefer.

1) Direct flight to Tampere
2) Flight to Helsinki, train or bus to Tampere      
3) Flight to Turku, train or bus to Tampere
4) Flight to Lappeenranta, train or bus to Tampere
5) Flight to Tallinn, boat to Helsinki, train or bus to Tampere
6) Flight to Stockholm, boat to Helsinki or Turku,  train or bus to Tampere
7) Somehow to Rostock, boat to Helsinki,  train or bus to Tampere
8) Flight to Vaasa, train or bus to Tampere       
9) Flight to Oulu, train or bus to Tampere
10) Flight to Kuopio, train or bus to Tampere
11) Flight to Rovaniemi, train or bus to Tampere

Flight prices to Finland in July and away in August: http://dy.fi/ulx

General costs and prices 

Food and drinks

Fast food 5-10eur
Lunch 10-20eur
Dinner 20-30eur
Dinner menu with drinks 30-50eur

Beer in shop 1-2eur
Beer in bar 2-8eur

Half a litre of vodka in a shop 12eur
Shot in bar 2-5eur

Drink in bar 5-10eur


Available, nice and stable (Thank you, Wyn Williams!)

Logo and T-Shirts

Logo is at the top-right of this page.

T-Shirts with Sprint logo and sponsors/partners will probably be free or in case of shortage of sponsorships about 10 EUR for Plonistas.

Visa Information


Team members

Team Members