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 andrej.jpg  Andrej Pangrecic


IRC:andrejpan on #saunasprint

e-mai: andrej at oktaeder.org

Motto: Breaking the walls!

 DSC_0138.JPG  Babis Theodopoulos

From Thessaloniki, GR

IRC: chartheo on #saunasprint

e-mail: bobtheodor at hotmail.com

Motto: Have fun, have a beer.

 DSC_0140.JPG  Marios Kogias

From Athens, GR

IRC: marioskogias on #saunasprint

e-mail: marioskogias at hotmail.com

Motto: Always dream...

 DSC_0164.JPG  Tom Gross

From Zurich, CH

IRC: tom_gross on #saunasprint

e-mail: itconsense at gmail.com

 DSC_0311.JPG  Pavlos Konstantinidis

 From Alexandruopolis, GR

 IRC: pavlkons1 on #saunasprint

e-mail: pavlkons1 at ee.duth.gr

Motto: Beer, plone and rock'n'roll!!! 

 goran.0.jpg  Goran Gjeroski

From Ohrid, MK

IRC: Goran on #saunasprint

e-mail: gorangeroski at yahoo.com

Motto: Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot that it do singe yourself

 huh.jpg  Jukka Ojaniemi

From Jyvaskyla, FI

IRC: pingviini on #saunasprint

e-mail: jukka.ojaniemi at jyu.fi

 ja.jpg  Sibin Grasic

Krusevac, SR

IRC: SeeBeen on #saunasprint

e-mail: sibin.grasic at eestec.etf.rs

Motto: Darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to the puryfing light

 jon.jpg  John Giannelos

From Athens, GR

IRC: john-nemo on #saunasprint

e-mail: johngiannelos at gmail.com


 joni.jpg  Joni Orponen




 kate.jpg  Katerina Trajcevska

From Ohrid, MK

IRC: katerina on #saunasprint

e-mail: ktrajchevska at gmail.com


 katja.jpg  Katarina Djukic

From Belgrade, SR

IRC: Katja on #saunasprint

e-mail kaca991 at gmail dot com

Motto: God watches over the crazy, the drunk and the children.

 phoebe.jpg  Fivi Panopoulou

From Athens, GR

IRC: fivi on #saunasprint

e-mail: panfibi at yahoo.gr


 slo.jpg Domen Kožar 

From Ljubljana, SLO 

IRC: iElectric

E-mail: domen@dev.si 

 sotiris.jpg  Sotiris Karras

From Athens, GR

IRC: sotiris on #saunasprint

e-mail: sotiris_karras at hotmail.com

Motto: The universe has a very good sense of irony.

 vyn.jpg  Wyn Williams

From London, UK

IRC: asigottech on #saunasprint

e-mail: wyn at devous.com

Motto: I am disturbed by the lack of your encryption.

 wtf.jpg  Esa-Matti Suuronen

From Jyvaskyla, FI

IRC: Epeli on #saunasprint

e-mail: esa-matti at suuronen.org


 Nejc Zupan

From Ljubljana, SLO

IRC: zupo on #saunasprint

e-mail: first.last at gmail.com

Motto: Work hard, P

 DSC_0313.JPG  Vilmos Somogyi

From Zrenjanin, SR

IRC: vilmoss on #saunasprint

e-mail: vsomogyi at gmail.com

Motto: Not sharing.

 DSC_0308.JPG  Franklin Kingma

From Arnhem, NL

IRC: kingal on #saunasprint

e-mail: franklin at fourdigits.nl

Motto: Where's my head at?

 DSC_0323.JPG  Martijn Pieters

From Tonsberg, NO

IRC: mj on #saunasprint

e-mail mj at jarn.com

Motto: I'm too old for mottos.


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