The Kick-off Dinner: Deliciousness 

The Sea Sprint began with an all-hands meeting for dinner at Thai By The Sea, sponsored by Dylan Jay from PretaWeb. Food was eaten, wine was drunk, and all in all an excellent way to start. David Glick, nominated into a sprint leadership role on the basis of his previous email, was asked if we should try to start the planning at dinner or after. His suggestion for a kaizan (lean coffee) style kick-off meeting was met with enthusiasm and due to the participation necessary, our planning began after our meal.

The Planning Session: Dedication

A three hour planning session began with a listing of the topics we should actually talk about. Then we spent 6 minuntes talking about each topic and vote if we want to keep discussing or move to the next topic. Topic list was:

  1. State of Deco - Rok’s demo
    • Rok provided a demo of the state of Deco
  2. State of collective.cover - Gonzalo’s demo
    • Gonzalo provided a demo of the state of collective.cover and deployed instances
  3. What does ‘done’ mean? Deliverables for the weekend
    • 2 tiles - image, text 
    • use c.cover imagetile, but allow upload
    • image repository or store image on tile
    • how to store text on tile
  4. UI for laying things out
    • separation of permissions for layouts and placing tiles, separation of permissions for editing tiles
    • explicit add rows/cols vs row/cols created as tiles are placed on layout and positioned
    • how to handle touchscreens 
    • Timo’s concern with breaking UI - toolbar removes context of editing experience, menus, actions
  5. Testing in Plone
    • especially javascript
    • no tools for testing js in plone currently
    • robot framework allows acceptance tests (UAT) in English (natural lang)
    • jenkins integration - bin/test to run all tests is a big win
    • js unit testing - phantom: headless webkit browser library, buster, qunit
    • js standards for coding - we have none, and that needs to change
    • Eric - robot framework individual packages change keywords, how does that affect other packages wrt isolation
  6. Grid Sytems
    • rows and columns
    • deco vs bootstrap vs other - both deco & bootstrap?
    • pick one
    • does not matter which one - we can add “-deco” to classes
    • bootstrap provides a means for responsive version - deco for rows and columns, context (content well) get bootstrap
  7. How Tiles works - David Glick’s overview
    • plone.tiles - basically a view
    • plone.blocks - rendering tiles
    •  - UI for editing, overview of tiles available
    •  - drag and drop, content editing/creation actions
    •  - ILayoutAware, field for storing page and site layouts 
  8. Versioning, Staging, Indexing, Preview
    • Annotations are versioned w/content object
    • push ContentModified event into tiles package
    • this affects where we store layout and how we store layout
    • should diff work with tiles or the page as a whole
    • indexing - text in tiles is currently not added to SearchableText index
  9. Success for this weekend
    • will be installable and useable by a Site Administrator.
    • Two tiles will be available, image and text.
    • v1 (fewer overlays)
    • single toolbar for edit actions
  10. Task List: All Action from now on
    • Prototype layout editor - RG, GA, PG, NVG
    • Test adding and editing tiles - TS, CE, EM
    • Organize discussion with UCLA folks - TS, ED
      • send our UX questions to plone dev list
    • Fix known bugs/ write unit tests for
      • Tiny MCE - RG
      • Remove image tile
    • Implement image tile based on cover - IA, AL
    • Write integration tests for text and image tiles
    • Write documentation
      • narrative overview
      • how-tos:
        • create a layout (end users)
        • create a tile (developer)
    • Merge tile permissions code from UCLA and collective.cover
    • Show notifications for tile edit actions
    • Make sure editing a tile notifies ContentModified context
    • Add control panel to toggle available tile types
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