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Sea Sprint 2012 was an oceanfront invitational sprint taking place September 21-24, 2012 on the white sand beaches of Oak Island, North Carolina. The successful goal of Sea Sprint 2012, inspired by Eric Steele's PSE 2012 talk, was "getting Deco Lite into the Plone 4.x series" (think Tiles and Deco).

Sea Sprint was designated a "strategic" sprint by the Plone Foundation.

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  • Platinum:

    Anderson Leeb is a web consultancy focused on the Plone content management system. 

  • Gold:

    Triangle Zope and Python Users Group (TriZPUG), soon to be known as TriPython. 

    Sea Sprint is a strategic sprint of the Plone Foundation. 

    Four Digits develops software and web applications for companies and organizations, ranging from relatively simple websites to complex systems. Four Digits works with Plone, a user-friendly and adaptable package that enables you to fill your own website with content. In addition to being one of the safest platforms, it is also free and open source. Using Plone, Four Digits has created solutions for such organizations as home care provider Sensire and volunteer organization Humanitas.  

    Timo Stollenwerk, Web Application Developer, Plone/Zope/Python. 

    The Plone users group of Seattle, WA. 

  • Silver:

    PretaWeb: High Availability, CMS Cloud, Multi-site Web Specialists. 

    Cris Ewing offers development services across a number of platforms and operating systems to help you to find the right tool for your job and then get it done on time and on budget. 

    Founded in 1999, Six Feet Up is a privately-held, woman-owned company that develops, hosts and supports sophisticated enterprise content management and collaborative intranet projects. 

    Ageliaco, the Association for Free and Advanced Content Management , offers Plone site design, hosting, training, and support to member associations and institutions. 

    Wildcard provides enterprise engineering services to take the hassle out of your IT. 

  • Individual: 

    • Gonzalo Almieda
    • Kamon Ayeva
    • Philip Bauer
    • Gildardo Bautista
    • Chris Calloway
    • Enzo Cesanelli
    • Thiago Curvelo
    • Maurizio Delmonte
    • Cris Ewing
    • Patrick Gerken
    • Matthew Hamilton
    • Dan Jacka
    • Andreas Jung
    • Elizabeth Leddy
    • Stephen McMahon
    • Alec Mitchell
    • Calvin Hendryx-Parker
    • Ross Patterson
    • Jeremy Phillips
    • Serge Renfer
    • Asko Soukka
    • Eric Steele
    • Ulrich Stockschlaeder