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A Collaborative Effort between OpenPlans Team and OSI KARL Core Team


A Kick-off Meeting at OSI to share Plone, Web 2.0, and social network software development experience.

Jason, OSI senior web developer met Rob Miller, OpenPlans at Plone conference and organized a meeting at OSI office, NYC to share experience on :

  • OpenPlans: A Social space to collaborate experience/project/group. Users are mainly external.
  • OSI KARL: Intranet and community space. Each office has its own Intranet home page with policies and procedures, business centers, news and announcements. Community space can be used to communicate and collaborate with internal staff as well as external affiliates.

 Open Source Experience

    • We love it and we hate it. Sometimes it is amazed how all open source components work and fit together, based on Rob Miller.  
    • OSI: We wish we know better.  
  • Plone Experience:
    • Internally, debating many times, OpenPlans setup an exit strategy to incrementally exit from Plone.
    • OSI KARL is less of Plone since KARL 1.0, and likely KARL 3.0 are totally departing from Plone.
  • Software Development Experience:
    • OpenPlans was implemented in the beginning of 2006. Since then, the software development team has been growing to over 10 staff. Last year, add 4-5 UI people including graphic designer.
    • OSI has contracted with Enfold Systems to develop KARL 1.0 initially and implemented in 2008. Agendaless worked on KARL 2.0 to port KARL to Linux platform, and 2.1 for a generic purpose, i.e. not OSI specific.
  • Technical Support/Training Experience:
    • OpenPlans use "Track" to track user requests and issues
    • OSI uses "KARL Help", "Trouble Ticket system", and KARL Feedback community to fulfill users's request.
    • Overall, both parties feel user requests are slowly fulfilled, or too slow to be fulfilled.  
  • Next Steps
    • Invite OSI KARL team members to experience OpenPlans
    • Invite OpenPlans team to join KARL community
  • Meet next time, the progress of the development

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