• Buttercup

last modified November 27, 2010 by k0s

Buttercup is the flower (installation pattern) that powers http://k0s.org/  Currently, buttercup is manifest in a single instance with several petals:

- k0s.org, the website

- the softwares that run k0s.org: http://k0s.org/hg/

- a software package, http://k0s.org/hg/buttercup/ , which provides some utility in managing the softwares that go together (the configs at http://k0s.org/hg/configs also help)

- some vague documentation and web ramblings including this page and http://k0s.org/portfolio/website.html amongst others

- silvermirror (http://k0s.org/hg/silvermirror), or, really unison to sync files between computers

 The intent of buttercup is mostly a personal site (vs a collaborative space) that is centered around a document model of computing:  you bring your documents with you, the software lives in the cloud.  But don't lose that document that says "This is how to turn these documents into a website!"  That's what buttercup is.  That abstract document.  Or maybe that's what flowers are. 

In any case, like all things, k0s.org is a mess.  The deployment story is not quite there.  Which, since I'm the only person that uses this flower, I guess it doesn't matter.


I would like to tend towards a model of computing like this.  You bring your documents with you.  Your documents *are* you, in a way.  


In practicality, this flower is criticized for giving the appearance of a 1930s salesman running around with papers trailing from a briefcase.  While this can happen, its not really a fair criticism, as the traveling salesman may still accomplish amazing things, even if there is a continuous struggle to stay on top of things.  Compare with the Venus Fly Trap+ , which likewise, is not a perfect black box of information.