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last modified May 30, 2010 by massimo

­Welcome to Sorrento Sprint

 This is the 4th edition of Plone Sorrento Sprint , ­ don't miss it: list your proposed sprint topics below and sign up as a participant so we know you're coming!

Proposed sprint topics

    • Plone Tune-up! http://plone-tuneup.ning.com/ 
    • Deco / Blocks
      • Fix view mode of field tiles -> Simone (Done)
      • Rename p.layoutbehavior to p.a.layoutbehavior -> Israel (Done)
      • Make Deco work when the Blocks rendering engine is installed -> Rob (Done)
      • Fix bug where html gets inserted in field tiles -> Rob (Done)
      • Use deco gs css and not custom css with the same functionality -> Rob (Postponed, need to talk to Limi first)
      • Generate tile config for @@deco-config -> (Postponed)
      • Displacement of the tile when dragging -> Rob (Done)
      • Changing p.a.registry settings to use multi level records -> Roel (Postponed)
      • Create a viewletmanager and portletmanager tiles -> Israel (Done)
      • Create sitelayout using viewletmanager tiles -> Rob (Done)
      • Make the site layout use the current object as context, instead of the ZODB root. Look into p.a.blocks/panel.py -> (lucabel, alert)

    • Plone 4 documentation.
    • Deliverance ­
    • collective.amberjack: implement milestone 1.1a
      • completed
        • Crash if you not complete the tour (mirco)
        • Clicking last step break the tour (mirco)
        • portlet 1.0 not in quickinstaller (mirco)
        • calendar widget (fdelia)
        • msg on grayed links    (fdelia)
        • Layout of buttons and selects during tours (fdelia)
        • Tour portlet for anonymous users (fdelia)
        • display menu (fdelia)
        • grafic for the steps (mirco)
        • refactor the code (keul)
        • manage prev/next (mirco)
      • good progress
        • check if a user completes all the steps (mirco)
        • Check the obbligatory micro-steps (mirco)
        • configuration based tours: implementation (amleczko, massimo_azzolini)
        • Tour registration: different sources from where getting the tours (local files, web source, etc.) (amleczko)
        • utility for converting dict-based tours into cfg-based ones (massimo_azzolini, stemrc)
      • started
        • sandbox 1.0: implementation    (amleczko)
        • translations: choose the right approach (amleczko)
      • need to be re-thougth
        • I wanna write what I want
        • validations & preconditions 
    • Selling Plone to non techies ­

    Sprint participants

    1. Vincenzo Barone, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: wooda)
    2. Antonio Sagliocco, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: kalymero)
    3. Bruno Ripa, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: j0k3r)
    4. Rosario Savarese, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: roskey)
    5. Biagio Grimaldi, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: blaise)
    6. Luca Pisani, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: lucas)
    7. Cinzia D'Angelo, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: ranzie)
    8. Simone Deponti Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: shywolf9982)
    9. Maurizio Delmonte, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: miziodel)
    10. Massimiliano De Cesare, Madec, Abruzzo, ITA, (IRC imperius) 
    11. Massimo Azzolini, RedTurtle, Ferrara, ITA (IRC massimo_azzolini)
    12. Luca Fabbri, RedTurtle, Ferrara, ITA (IRC keul) 
    13. Federica D'Elia, RedTurtle, Ferrara, ITA (IRC fdelia)
    14. Alessandro Pisa, RedTurtle, Ferrara, ITA (IRC alert)
    15. Stefano Marchetti, RedTurtle, Ferrara, ITA (IRC stemrc)
    16. Luca Bellenghi, RedTurtle, Ferrara, ITA (IRC lucabel)
    17. Mirco Angelini, RedTurtle, Ferrara, ITA (IRC mirco)
    18. Giorgio Borelli, Torino, ITA (IRC gborelli) 
    19. Israel Saeta Pérez, Europe, (IRC: dukebody) 
    20. Rok Garbas, Freelance, Sevilla, ESP (IRC: garbas)
    21. Rob Gietema, Four Digits, Arnhem, NL (Rob|4D)
    22. Roel Bruggink, Four Digits, Arnhem, NL (JaRoel|4D)
    23. Alessandro Ceglie, Università degli Studi di Bari, ITA (nick: SauZheR)
    24. Laurence Rowe, Freelance, Manchester, UK (elro) 
    25. SImone Orsi, Domsense, Torino, ITA (IRC simahawk)