• Plone Sorrento Sprint

last modified February 9, 2011 by miziodel

Plone Community has an attitude to partecipate to events in person, both official communication events like conferences and free technical events like sprints.

Abstract ­­has an attitude to contribute to Plone by organizing some of these important moments in the life of our community.

The Sorrento Sprint is one of these moments, and we are proud to invite you to join us for its 5th­ edition in a row.


Why to come 

1. The PEOPLE are something you can't miss!

A lot of smart Plonistas attended the past editions, and we hope they will rejoin us.

Nonetheless newcomers are very welcome, cause a sprint is the perfect way to join the Plone Community, improve your comprehension of Plone while giving back, and share big fun!

And.. remember! You don't have to speak Python to be a perfect sprint attendee! Testing, documentating, contributing your ideas are always very appreciated. :) 

2. The LOCATION is something you shouldn't miss!

­wonderful hotel overlooking the ­gulf of Sorrento, with plenty of space inside and a nice park outside.

With a bit of luck you will enjoy the nice weather of Spring in the south of Italy, and possibly go for a swim in the sea.

­ open garden 4647156975_1f69244b1f.jpg

have a look at some pics from the past!

How to Join US

Go to the sprint's project-home and sign your name there, then follow the istructions that you can find here (link).