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last modified March 20, 2011 by WouterVH

Welcome to Sorrento Sprint

 We're very proud to welcome you to the 5th edition of Plone Sorrento Sprint .

 How to participate? List your proposed sprint topics below and sign up as a participant so we know you're coming! 

  • What: developer and documentation sprint (what is a sprint?
  • Where: Sorrento, Italy
  • When: April 30 - May 1, 2011 taking place right after the ­PLOG - PLone Open Garden (details coming soon!).
  • Why: to improve Plone and have fun!

Proposed sprint topics

  • let's list here your proposals! 

Sprint participants 

  1. Vincenzo Barone, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: wooda)
  2. Antonio Sagliocco, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: kalymero)
  3. Bruno Ripa, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: j0k3r)
  4. Rosario Savarese, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: roskey)
  5. Biagio Grimaldi, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: blaise)
  6. Luca Pisani, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: lucas)
  7. Cinzia D'Angelo, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: ranzie)
  8. Simone Deponti Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: shywolf9982)
  9. Maurizio Delmonte, Abstract, Naples, ITA, (IRC: miziodel)
  10. Giorgio Borelli, Abstract, Naples, ITA (IRC: gborelli)
  11. Silvio Tomatis, Abstract, Naples, ITA (IRC: otacon)