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Welcome to the South Dakota Cadastral Initiative's Project Planning Site

Information regarding the ongoing South Dakota Cadastral Initiative can be found here. Please explore, learn more about the initiative, and find ways to get involved. Please contact Jenny Sorensen at jensorensen [at] rushmore.com or jsorensen [at] 4front.biz if you have comments or questions regarding this project.


Pertinent Definitions:

"Cadastral" is defined as a public record, survey or map for tax purposes showing ownership and value of land.

"Cadastre" is defined as is a register of the real property of a country, with details of the area, the owners and the value.

"Parcel" is defined as a contiguous area of land described in a single description by a deed or other instrument or as one of a number of lots on a plat or plan, separately owned and capable of being separately conveyed.

From the perspective of the South Dakota Cadastral Inititive, cadastral, cadastre, and parcel all relate to data that represents land ownership. In particular, the cadastral initiative is promoting the development and sharing of digital land ownership data that is used within a Geographic Information System (GIS).


Description of project:

The South Dakota Cadastral Initiative has several components, with its primary immediate goal being the production of cadastral strategic and business plans for the State of South Dakota. The Black Hills Digital Mapping Association (BHDMA) has been the lead organization to promote the beginning phases of the initiative, and is being funded through a Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Cooperative Agreement Program (CAP) Fifty States Initiative grant. The grant was awarded in 2007 and ends July 2008. Other partnering organizations include the State of South Dakota, the South Dakota Association of Assessing Officers, and the Sioux Falls GIS.

Through this grant, BHDMA kicked off the cadastral inititive by organizing and hosting a two-day parcel-themed GIS conference. The conference was held in September 2007 and provided educational opportunities for members of the state's GIS community to learn about cadastral isses and the business case for a statewide cadastre. Attendees also learned about the SD Cadastral Inititive efforts being promoted through the grant and the conference provided members of the GIS community a forum to express their views on the development of a statewide cadastre.

Following the conference, a 1.5-day South Dakota Cadastral Committee meeting was held. A facilitator (Cheryl Chapman, Matrix Consulting Group, Rapid City, SD) was used and draft strategic and business plans were written for the development of a statewide cadastre. Tasks were outlined and a 2 - 3 year time frame was set for implementation of the plans as outlined during the meeting. These draft plans will be reviewed and discussed by stakeholders during public participation meetings, and will be formally endorsed by supporting organizations before submittal to the State of South Dakota.

This project directly supports the NSDI and the objectives of the Fifty States Initiative Action Plan by furthering the coordination of programs and policies that enable the further development, distribution, and maintenance of statewide geospatial information.


Project vision:

The South Dakota Cadastral Initiative is an ongoing statewide effort to promote the development of a statewide cadastre in South Dakota. This goal will be implemented through the activities of the SD Cadastral Committee, a volunteer group established to accomplish three strategic goals over the next several years:

Create a Statewide Networking Framework - The committee will create a statewide network of collaborators, including local, tribal, federal, and private stakeholders. The committee will find and cultivate champions of cadastral data, who can raise awareness and public support for the ongoing initiative. The committee will identify participants in cadastral data collection and management and develop an operations plan for them to promote a statewide cadastre.

Conduct a Statewide Cadastre Needs Assessment - The committee will identify, in partnership with existing stakeholder groups, existing data and data gaps. With a clear understanding of existing data availability established, the committee will recommend a multi-purpose, needs driven statewide cadastre system that supports public health and safety and efficiency of government.

Develop Funding Sources - Since there will be no mandate to produce cadastral data, the committee will solicit funding to support projects which will assist in the goals of a coordinated statewide cadastre.


Links to other websites with related information:

Black Hills Digital Mapping Association website: http://www.bhdma.org

USGS Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) 2007 - 2008 Grant Website for the South Dakota Cooperative Cadadstral Initiative: http://www.fgdc.gov/grants/2007CAP/Category3/SD. This website is the home page for the grant under which the SD Cadastral Initiative is funded. The grant is administered by the Black Hills Digital Mapping Association.

FGDC Cadastral Data Subcommittee's homepage is located at: http://www.nationalcad.org/. Their web pages provide information related to the development, standards and implementation of the Cadastral National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).


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