The Space Party officially does not care whether you choose to marry a man, a woman, a person with some other gender, or someone with no gender at all. We do not care if you choose to marry an alien, or any other sentient and consenting creature, or more than one of the above. Marriage is a religious and cultural phenomenon, and so we believe the state should make room for people with all sorts of beliefs and practices.

We simply don’t believe that one person’s marriage is damaged by another person’s interpretation or adaptation of it. How do we prevent people from using our permissive views on marriage to game the system and get tax breaks for something we don’t approve of? Simple! The state should stop affording tax breaks on the basis of marriage! Marriage-based tax breaks give advantages to certain types of people over others, and disadvantage poorer people with less stability at home. The practice of attaching social benefits to the “head of household” disadvantages women, especially single mothers, and amounts to economic coercion, where people are pushed toward one set of lifestyle choices by the choices of those who wrote the decades-old tax code, rather than by what they decide is best for them and their families.

In essence, when the state gives tax breaks to married couples, it gives tax breaks to people based on their participation in certain religious institutions, violating the first amendment’s prohibition against laws respecting an establishment of religion. Once we remove marriage from the purview of the state, we also remove the incentive for politicians to waste precious time and attention debating social issues that do nothing to advance society or meet the very real needs of its people. We no longer have to argue and vilify one another over gay marriage, trans marriage, or poly-marriage.

Marriage for all, or for none. Do as you please. As long as you don’t hurt each other, we don’t mind. As long as you find love and happiness in your brief time on Earth, we’re happy for you.

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