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last modified June 9, 2008 by blence

NYCstreets.org is moving to LivableStreets.com

NYCstreets is joining forces with StreetsBlog and StreetFilms to create the Livable Streets Network, a network of news, film, and community action working to better our public spaces. We hope this partnership will foster increased communication and real world action between the lively communities of StreetsBlog readers and NYCstreets activists.

The Big Changes:

  • During the second week of June, www.NYCstreets.org will become www.livablestreets.com (for information on what will happen to your project’s web address, please see our FAQ below).
  • Members will experience a newly-designed website, with easier navigation and more help (take a look at our new wiki mockup).
  • Livable Streets will be a stronger community extending across the United States, tying StreetsBlog, StreetFilms and the NYCstreets toolkit together.

We are working to make this switch as easy as possible for our members, and most of you will experience a seamless transition to Livable Streets. However, there are sure to be a few questions raised about the move, and to answer them we've created an FAQ. We'll be updating the FAQ regularly, so if you don't see an answer to your question below, please email us.

Livable Streets FAQ

There are a lot of changes that will happen to bring these three big projects under one roof, but we’re working to make the switch as easy as possible for our members. If you have any questions regarding this switch after reading this FAQ, email us, and we'll get right back to you.

When will this move happen?
We're planning on flipping the switch during the second week of June. We'll send out an email the night before so everyone is prepared.

Do I need to recreate my project on Livable Streets?

Nope. Just sit tight. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and move all your data to the new site. If you have a project on NYCstreets, you have one on Livable Streets.

What is the new website address?
The new website address will be http://www.livablestreets.com/projects. If someone tries to visit www.nycstreets.org after we switch, we’ll automatically redirect them to www.livablestreets.com.

What is my project’s new address?

If you had a project named “Bike Box,” and your NYCstreets url was: http://www.nycstreets.org/projects/bike-box, your new Livable Streets url would be: http://www.livablestreets.com/projects/bike-box.

What is my email list’s new address?
If your email list on NYCstreets was: bike-box@lists.nycstreets.org, your new Livable Streets email list would be: bike-box@lists.livablestreets.com.

What happens if someone goes to my old project’s address or tries to send an email to our old list?
If someone tries to visit your project on NYCstreets, we’ll automatically redirect them to the new project home on Livable Streets.

I already I have an account on NYCstreets. Do I need to create a new one for Livable Streets?
Nope. Just like your project data, we’ll bring that over to Livable Streets. As a bonus, your membership will give you access to other Livable Streets features, including easy StreetsBlog and StreetFilms commenting.

I have some content in a wiki sidebar/pull-quote. How different will it look after the move to Livable Streets? Should I change the way my page looks?
The Livable Streets Wiki pages are going to look slightly different than the current NYCstreets pages, and we're going to remove the "pull-quote" feature. These changes are based on member requests, which included an easier navigation bar and easy-to-find contextual wiki help. A wide sidebar on the right side will contain those new features, make the wiki narrower and easier to read, and will make the overall website simpler to use. Since we're changing the look and feel of the Wiki, members may want to revisit their Wiki pages and remove the “pull-quote” feature to take advantage of the narrower, easy to read format. To get a better idea of what our new Wiki pages will look like, take a look at the mock-up of a Wiki page before and after the move to Livable Streets.

Why is the the new address Livable Streets ".com?" Isn't your website a ".org?"
The short answer is: we liked the name Livable Streets, and unfortunately www.livablestreets.org was already in use by another organization. So, we decided to go with www.livablestreets.com.

NYCstreets and Livable Streets are produced by The Open Planning Project, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We have no plans, now or in the future, to charge for any content or use of Livable Streets.

What's this I hear about "Projects" being called "Groups?"
As part of the Livable Streets redesign, we're renaming a few tools based on comments we received from some of our members. In particular:

  • "Projects" will be known as "Groups"
  • "Wiki" will be known as "Pages"
We hope these new names will give better context to what people, especially those who are new to internet technologies, can do with Livable Streets.