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A Plone sprint focusing on the Dexterity next-generation content type framework,
taking place March 15 - 19, 2010 at Lake Tahoe, California.


Sponsored By:

David Brenneman IT Consulting

Photo by sparker1tx.

Join fellow Plone geeks for a week of coding and skiing in the beautiful Sierra Nevada at the Tahoe Snow Sprint, March 15 through March 19, 2010 at South Lake Tahoe, California, USA. This is a sprint that aims for a good balance of work and play, with the primary goal being moving the Dexterity project forward, filling out its feature set and cleaning up known issues. This sprint is for Python developers who want to help implement a flexible, lightweight content type framework for Plone.

We're sprinting during the International Plone Sprint Week, and we'll have a continuous video and irc link with our fellow sprinters in the E.U. at the Cathedral Sprint.

  • What Implement new features, fix bugs and document the Dexterity content type framework for the Plone Content Management System.
    • Widget improvements
    • Member content types with Dexterity
    • Replacements for ATCT with Dexterity
    • Image handling improvements
    • Benchmarking
    • Bugfixing - resolving issues in the tracker

  • Why Improve Plone and Dexterity, contribute code and documentation to the community, build a stronger Plone community, and have fun!
  • Where A large vacation home in South Lake Tahoe minutes from Heavenly Mountain Resort. This house has high speed wireless internet access, a media center, a full kitchen, a pool table and a hot tub.¬†
  • How You may either fly in to Reno International Airport and take a shuttle to Heavenly Mountain Resort, or fly in to the city of San Francisco, California and travel to the sprint location by car with a group of sprinters.
  • Register+ Limited spots are available on a first come, first served basis. Cost includes room and board for four nights. Sign up here!
  • Help How you can help make this sprint happen.