• CoActivate FAQ

last modified December 10, 2013 by xscarfie

What's the first step?

  • To get started JOIN this project.

How do I upload documents?

  • Go to the page that you want to attach your document to. You can attach a document to any wiki page.
  • Go to edit mode for that page (click EDIT, top right of each page).
  • Click 'Manage attachments' at the bottom of that page. Just like attaching a file to an email, easy.


How do I edit an existing page?


How do I create a new wiki page?

  • It's all about the double brackets. Whatever words you put inside the (()) will be the name of the new page. 
  • Once you hit “Save” the text will change into a link to create the new wiki page.
  • If a page with that name already exists, the text will link to that page.
  • Remember to keep the names of new pages concise.
  • Click here for more detailed instructions.

How do I insert photographs or pictures into a wiki page?

  • Go to edit mode.
  • Move your cursor to where you want the picture to be.
  • Click 'Insert/Modify Image' button in the editing toolbar (the icon with two mountain peaks and the sun, next to the anchor).
  • You can also upload photographs and attach them to wiki pages as separate files (click 'edit', then 'manage attachments' at bottom of the page).

Oh no! I deleted someone else's work by mistake, what do I do now?

  • Don't panic :-)
  • Use the 'history' button at the top of any wiki page to revert to an earlier saved version. 


Can anybody create and edit wiki pages?

  • All members of this project can upload documents and edit wiki pages.
  • The general public can download documents and read our wiki pages.
  • To become a member, send a request to JOIN and then an admin will approve your request.

I have another question that is not listed here.

Please go into edit mode for this page, and type your question here: