• National Hui 2013

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Hui participants discussion on forming a national body

National Body Discussion

National Hui Sunday 17th Nov 2013



Ben McHugo(WT)  Opened with the question, “Do we want a National Body?”

Joy Svendsen (Wai)  Gave a history of Timebanking (TB) since the Lyttleton Hui, how Margarett Jefferies and Project Lyttelton had sought and was granted funding for Lyttelton and how they had generously funded some time for a quasy National co-ordinator.  The great work Lyttelton did and the energy given.   TBANZ was formed, Emma through her study and networks generously promoted TB kaupapa, support was given to new TBs looking at starting.

Raglan Hui continued the energy, with decisions on using Loomio as a decision making tool, Co-Activate for storing docs and online discussions agreed to.  Discussions & a decision agreed to of the 5 core principals and 1=1 were needed to call yourself a Timebank.

Funding ended from Lyttelton for the work done nationally.  TBANZ were encouraged to find another source of income for a co-ordinator or volunteers with energy for position.

General consensus that since the fantastic work Joy did doing monthly Skype calls stopped, people got busy, and web pages were not updated. National energy faded.


Miles Thompson (ktb) Did investigate the trademarking of the work TB, said that it was possible, possibly better for us with a national body formed, cost in doing so.  Also spoke about possibility of being under the “living Economies” umbrella, this was discussed and thought better if we stayed separate.

Discussion on benefits of TBANZ becoming an incorporated society.


Mat Slat (visiting complimentary currency guru): Spoke on the need for TBs to stay resilient with self-funding as funding from other sources (nationally or regionally) may have conditions attached and or be subject to stop.  Threat of people becoming dependant on that funding and this could effect our core values over time.

Robyn Mourie (WT)Funding options were discussed including crowd funding, books exchanged via koha etc. 

Sonya Cameron (WGTN) suggested $1.00 per week for fifty weeks from TBs and or hours from people with energy towards the national movement.  We could then start under Living Economies now.

Helen Dew (Living Econmies) suggested that any co-ordinator role should be job shared to ensure gaps in service are met, also prevents burn out.


Discussion and agreement that a “bottom up” was probably the better way to form a National body.  General agreement that a subcommittee would be formed.

Gen de Spa (Addgtn) Would write an email/letter inviting people with energy, time and inclination for national body to form, invitation to be part sub committee.  Discussion on each TB having one vote regardless of size.

Joy Svendsen offered to write up policy and procedures for the monthly TBANZ skype calls and to teach Ben McH to run the calls.

Robyn Mourie Will start a FB & Twitter page for National body as another means to keep connected.


General Notes on Co-ordinators role

Scribbled down, instigator not recorded please amend/complete as you see fit


Promoting TBg on a national level, sharing the kaupapa.

Ensure documents were available so people did not need to reinvent the wheel.

Up to date contact list, website. 

Training for both Skype and Co-Activate so people were not frustrated with technology.

Mechanism for funding and or time to be given to national movement be looked at.



Open space notes


Buddy new timebanks

Software and funding co-ordinator

National TB skype calls

Growing TBing nationally

Central info point

TB authenticity, credible consistency of brand

National education campeigne, media .


Vibrant combining of tasks

Inter trading timebanks

National coordination of Skype, website, email & contacts

Seetting up a sustainable functioning role.

National promotions

Repository of Policy-Proceedural docs

Each timebank is a segment/part of a net.