• National Hui 2014

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National Hui

1 November 2014  |  Wellington  

 The 2014 National Hui was hosted by the Wellington Timebank. There were 30 participants representing 10 timebanks and friends of timebank across Aotearoa. The Hui was facilitated by Mary-Jane Rivers from Inspiring Communities who led us through an open space technology session. 

The main areas of discussion were around: Diversity, Busyness, Collaboration, Participation, Non-technologically inclusive & Critical Mass. Below are the photos of the brainstorms from each group:








 On November 1st 2014, Wellington Timebank hosted a regional hui, which was opened up to Timebank members from around the country.  

Discussion at the hui revealed that there was a great appetite for revitalising our attempts to collaborate at a national level, while retaining the richness, diversity and independence of Timebanks at a local level.   You can see the notes of the collaboration subgroup in the photo above.

The collaboration sub group identified what it was members wanted to collaborate on, potential methods of collaboration, and next steps. The key points of the discussion are summarised below.

What do we want to share/collaborate on?

  • Public information about where to find timebanks, how to contact us etc (the current Timebanking Aotearoa website contact information is out of date)

  • Information and resources e.g. fundraising opportunities and successes, documents, policies

  • We would like to be able to transfer credits between timebanks

  • Shared functions e.g. there may be potential for timebanks to share admin, coordination, fundraising, web software etc

  • Combine our efforts to promote timebanking

  • Good practice and research– what’s happening nationally and internationally?  What’s the evidence base for timebanking?

A dedicated coordinator role for national collaboration

A suggestion from the collaboration subgroup was that there be a dedicated national coordinator role (ideally paid) that could be rotated on a regular basis (annually?) amongst the timebanks – depending on the capacity and willingness and capacity for timebanks to take on the role.  The thinking was that if there is not a dedicated person in the coordinator role, it would be very difficult to get things done or to maintain momentum when it came to collaborating at a national level.

We thought that to keep things manageable, the role could start small.   E.g. Starting with keeping the Timebanks Aotearoa website up to date and organising an annual hui.  The role could then be expanded as desired.  There would be a clear role description.

Ways to collaborate

The group discussed the different ways in which Timebank members from around the country could connect in order to collaborate.  For example, using Loomio (an online collaborative decision making tool), hosting meetings via SKYPE, having face to face meetings (e.g. at national hui).

As the collaboration sub group fed back to the larger group we were informed that there was already a Timebank Aotearoa Loomio group in use for national decision making https://www.loomio.org/g/9YlSIKBh/timebanks-aotearoa-new-zealand and that Coactivate was an existing web-based tool that Timebanks in Aotearoa are using to share information.  You can find Coactivate here https://www.coactivate.org/projects/tbanz/project-home

There is already a lot of useful shared information on Coactivate.  

We also discussed creating a Timebank Aotearoa Facebook Page (for the public) and also having the Timebanks Aotearoa website link to the blogs/webpages of Timebanks around the country.













Plus a couple of extra photos of the day:

 Connecting.JPG Afternoon-tea.jpg