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Getting Organisations to join Timebank is a great way to increase membership, build community for them and Timebank. However they often have difficulty working out how they can go about it, do you have some ideas or examples of how this could or is working? Please help build this resource by listing them below. Thank you.


 Schools, Kindergartens Helping with community events - eg. Otaki Schools have helped with Marshaling and making signs for a kite festival, offering rooms for meetings, use of audio visual equipment, hall for quiz night, bamboo, loan of tea urn. If parents are in Timebank they might be more inclined to help with parent help, other members of the Timebank community can offer their help and expertise for workshops and talks, gardens, IT help, small maintenance jobs and working bees etc. Help with their events. eg.  A Timebank bunting bee with members from a school and another TB organisation  created a community resource of bunting for school fair and christmas event.
 Service groups    
 Health Centres    
 Migrant Resource Centre

In Hamilton the Migrant Resource Centre help by running orientations, acting as a drop in centre, promoting TimeBank to their newcomers network, sharing their venue for social events, and TimeBank activities.

They also have a van complete with a volunteer driver who has some spare capacity so they offer transport within the TimeBank.

They also have computers with internet so they are happy for members of the public to drop in and utilise their computers for TimeBank trading.

 The TimeBank network provides ways for their clients to connect with community in meaningful ways.  Some of their clients arrive with lots of practical skills, but find it difficult finding a job and practicing their English, so making connections through TimeBank helps them to establish networks and establish themselves as part of the community.

In Hamilton the Migrant Resource Centre are also exploring how they can reward their volunteer English language tutors with TimeCredits.

 Community Houses
In Hamilton community houses are acting drop in centres, and running orientations.  They earn credits for their time promoting TimeBank and for sharing whatever resources they are happy to share - i.e. internet, venue...

 The community houses are using TimeBank as a network to advertise activities they are involved in.  One has a curtain bank so they can use TimeCredits to enlist help from people to sew, put up curtain rods, staff the shop etc. 

One also runs a community garden, so they can use TimeBank to access gardening support.

Another has a commercial kitchen so they are exploring how to utilise the knowledge within the TimeBank and the kitchen for the benefit of their immediate community - i.e. cooking classes, healthy eating workshops, bottling, preserving, jam making... etc



 In Hamilton we are working on a proposal which will see the council providing access to resources for TimeCredits - i.e. Zoo, museum, pools, exscite centre, paid items at the Library, etc.  These will be Time based - i.e. it takes 2-3 hours to walk round the zoo, so 3 Time credits.

 The Council will be able to spend their credits enlisting help with community activities - gully restoration, survey's and feedback, basically whatever activities the Council wants more community participation in.