• database design - api requirements

last modified February 14, 2008 by arneke

What lives where?


  • User data
  • Users permissions / project memberships
  • Projects
  • Project metadata (extent etc, probably needed to embed map)

GeoServer / Postgis

  • Data for notes / objects, with location
  • Data for how to to format the markers


Postgis table design

Suggested implementations

One table per project

  • Nice separation
  • Possibly faster


  • Insert logic becomes more complex
  • Tricky if we want to show data from multiple projects
  • More open files on server


One table for everything

  • All operations are on rows
  • Easy maintenance, say a spammer hit multiple projects
  • Don't have to create tables from openplans on project creation, or have fancy on-demand code


  • Spatial scans slightly more expensive
  • Less separation between projects



Should markers be enumerated or free values (alt text + URL to image)?