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last modified February 14, 2008 by cholmes

GIS in www.virtual.nyc 

Who do can best develop and operate a domain space like www.virtual.nyc? Who might take on holding a real-life conference on the development of this civic space?

Background: Connecting.nyc Inc.'s efforts to acquire, develop, and operate the .nyc TLD,We expect to acquire the right to distribute the full domain-name set for the .nyc TLD next year, with names to be allocated according to a Domain Name Allocation Plan. There will be a staged name allocation to:
  • trademark holders
  • "local" trademark holders
  • city government
  • civic affairs set-asides
  • an auction
  • with the remainder distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Finding developers for the civic space set-asides is a task before me these days. One such civic name set-aside might be www.virtual.nyc.

I'm looking for a mechanism for developing this name (and lots of others).

From a civic perspective, www.virtual.nyc might be seen as a city planning resource. Others might see it as a mechanism for the delivery of resources produced in the city, as a surrogate city government, as a resource to those planning a trip to the city, as entertainment for those just dreaming about one; etc.

Will Wright presentation of Spore, his 3-D world creation system, to NASA.

Technically it might progress in steps from a layered map to a more 3-D secondlife-ish space, with "official" and other views. Property owners and individuals might have rights to construct/maintain spaces within "their domain," providing perspectives like actual, planned, or historic views.

Perhaps an initial imagining session with representatives from organizations like GISMO, MAS, TOPP, CUNY, etc. might be able to discuss possibilities, direction, and structure.