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It looks like the next industry to be disrupted in 2019 is the wedding industry. With so much wedding tech out there, wedding ceremonies and receptions are reaching whole new levels of enjoyment, documentation, and interaction.

We’re here to show you all of the latest apps, gadgets, technology, and wedding trends that you can use to wow your wedding guests.

Check out our expertly curated list of wedding tech trends in 2019!

Modern Tech Wedding Rings

The traditional wedding ring is receiving some 21st Century upgrades. Modern high tech wedding rings are the new wearables, allowing you to pair with your favorite apps and track just about anything with your bodies like heart rates and sleeping patterns.

You can also now get your hands on a wedding projector ring.

Shine a light through the hidden lense of this attractive virtual visualization tool and browse your wedding photo album on any surface.

Choose GoPro To Capture Moments

With GoPros being so compact and offering a fantastic resolution, you can expect to see these handy gadgets popping up in aisles and receptions all across the country.

A standard wedding photographer is still very valuable, but the addition of this wedding tech means brand new angles, close-ups, and point of view shots from the groom’s lapel to hidden in the bouquet.

Your album is going to love your GoPro wedding shots.

Live Streaming Your Big Day

Do you have a few friends and relatives that wish they could be there but just can’t make it?

Not a problem anymore!

With all of the inexpensive high-quality imaging and social media advancements, live wedding streaming is now available.

Some venues will allow you to rig up your own live stream, and some are offering with their wedding packages. Either way, it’s a great way to capture the day.

If you’re not sure which app to use for your wedding day live streaming, we highly recommend Periscope. If you haven’t heard, it’s ridiculously easy to use and syncs right up with your Twitter account so you can reach all of your followers.

Other Wedding Tech Trends From The Future

We expect wedding tech to keep progressing.

The 3 categories to keep your eye on – according to business trends anyway – are 3D printing, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, and artificial intelligence.

In one way or another, you’ll see all of these enhancing the bridal experience from:

  • high tech wedding favors
  • robots for wedding activities
  • interactive wedding invitations
  • new forms of interactive entertainment and decor
  • real-time playlists that adjust the songs according to what the crowd is responding to.

Wedding tech has evolved leaps and bounds over the past 5 years, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

And, if things keep heading in this direction it won’t be long before you see the happy couple set off in a driverless car.

Post was originally published on Wedding Forward!  

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Post originally was published on Wedding Forward 

It is routine for couples to seek out only the best wedding websites for their big day. With so much to do on the wedding planning checklist, only the best wedding website builder will serve. But because one could get overwhelmed with many choices available, we narrowed down the search for you.

This post contains personalized wedding websites to fit the spec of each couple, saving them the time of sending the same texts and emails repeatedly. These websites which vary in functions, styles, prices, and interface, possess features that allow you to do an easy job, save more money and reach more people, all at your own convenience.


What are wedding websites for?

Wedding websites are for announcing to all your guests at the same time your order of wedding events; accommodation options, schedule, venue, and direction. Guests can also find where your gift registry is, against sending prints, emails, and texts every other day. As such, it should be an easy wedding website that anyone can navigate.

There is something for everyone in this post, from the regular to the tech-savvy couple!

How To Make A Wedding Website

With your wedding checklist reminding you that there is a lot to do, you should create a wedding website and ease yourself some burden. The relief, speed, savings and reach wedding websites cover cannot be overemphasized. Guests will find it easy to locate your wedding venue, find accommodations and get you your choice gifts without ringing you up. This is why you should be intentional and careful about the information you put out.

Do Password Your Website

This will help you keep wedding crashers out and let only your invited guest’s access to your private information. Take advantage of the password options of the site or use a custom upgrade.

Don’t Mention Any Invite Only Events

Leave out exclusive events of your wedding and disseminate only to whom it may concern. Including them on your wedding website will make those on your guest list feel unimportant or left out. It could even portray you as rude.

Do Include Information for Wedding Registry

We always advise against putting your registry information your card invites, but on the wedding website, it’s allowed! Include links for where all your registries are, for easy shopping. If you want cash donations, a short note on the aim will give the guests an insight into your cause.

Don’t Derail From Your Theme

Everyone who knows how to plan a wedding testifies to how hard it is to pick and make a theme come to life. Do not part with it! Whether it’s bohemian, retro, chic, classic or rustic, make it a part of your wedding website design. Let guests have a feel of what they see on your invites. Be consistent!

Do Make Travel Information Detailed

Make guests coming from out of town have an easy trip by putting all travel information out. Tell them the closest airports to the venue, hotel accommodation options, phone numbers to call and any discounts you were able to get for them. This will make the job easier.

Don’t Use Online RSVPs

It is best to use the formal card RSVP type as this will help you make an accurate confirmed guest estimate. It is also to the advantage of guests who are not tech savvy. This is against online RSVP where guests confirm and bail, do not confirm and show up or confirm late and ruin your plans.

Do Remember Your Wedding Timeline

Every event leading up to your wedding follows a wedding planning timeline. Let the guests know about each event, time, place and mode of transportation. This will help them adjust their schedule, prepare well and appear with the right gears.

Don’t Be A Bore

Guests want to read your love story, see your bridesmaids and groomsmen, but they don’t want to be sick and tired. Make it interesting, informative, but concise. This way, you will hold their attention and your wedding website will be fun to visit.

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Six Months Before the Wedding

  • Make your own wedding beauty timeline
  • Include a visit to a dermatologist for wedding skin prep
  • Ask your trainer for a special workout routine
  • Consult a nutritionist about your diet plan

Five Months

  • Ask your dermatologist if they approve roc retinol correction
  • Visit your dentist to correct any flaws you want to get rid of
  • Find your hairstylist and make a hair plan together. Work on your healthy hair regimens
  • Schedule an appointments with your wedding makeup artist

Three Months

  • It’s time to think about regular manicure and pedicure
  • Start using a scrub, and ask your beautician how to get perfect body skin
  • You should have your makeup plan ready by this time

Two Months

  • If you wanted to try body tan or microblading – here’s the time
  • Do the trial hairdo
  • Beauty health tips: use night serum, and do whole body skin care

One Month

  • Ask your dentist about the newest teeth whitening procedure
  • Pay attention to skin care before the wedding
  • Sleep enough, eat healthy, give up alcohol
  • Hands tips: apply some hand cream regularly

Two Weeks

  • Final hair trim, consider lavish nails for the wedding
  • Final hair color touch-up
  • Makeup checklist
  • Avoid bread, salt, dairy, and sugar
  • Pack your bridal beauty kit

Three Days

  • Final brow shaping
  • Waxing and whole body skin care

Two Days

  • Final pretty wedding nails
  • Face Care Mask

Day of the Wedding

Eat a high-protein breakfast and a light lunch, stay calm and happy!

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How can you not love donuts? Such fragrant, juicy, with a different filling – jam, from various fruits and berries, caramel, cream, chocolate. You can make an original wedding cake from donuts or they can be a wonderful addition to a candy bar. Donuts are a great solution for a wedding also because they are an excellent decor. If you cover them with colored or chocolate icing, powdered sugar, and sprinkle with bright topping, you’ll have a real culinary masterpiece! Donut Wedding Decor Trend 2019 you will find in our gallery.

Want a tasty alternative to a usual boring wedding cake? Try a donut wedding cake! A fantastic multi-layered wedding donut piece of art is sure to surprise all the guests.  Remember all the wedding cupcake ideas? You can try them with donuts as well! Donuts instead of wedding cake are a new trend, and you still wil be able to play all your favourite cake cutting songs!

Your guests will sure appreciate a donut bar. Donut dessert table is perfect if you do not want to spend your time and money cutting and distributing wedding cake. You can even have a donut grooms cake! Just let your guest grab the donut they like – wedding bar has never been easier!


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One of the most exciting and important parts of your wedding is choosing your wedding date itself. You may play around with different months and different dates, but there are a lot of different ways to choose the best day to get married.

What is an auspicious wedding day?

Well, the lucky wedding dates 2019 are out there, you just need to know how to find them.

Knowing how to pick a wedding date can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. So here are some tips for picking out the best wedding date for you, because timing is everything.

Also, check our infographic with lucky wedding dates 2019, we’ve made special for you! So, click “Pin” and save the calendar!

Why Should We Choose An Auspicious Date For Wedding?


There are a lot of different reasons you want to be careful to pick an auspicious date for your wedding. The number of days in a year can be overwhelming, but certain wedding dates are thought to bring luck in different traditions.

Some dates are more popular, some dates are cheaper, and some dates just clash with too many important events — which is probably why you don’t want to get married on December 25th.

So, by picking an auspicious wedding date, you’ll be starting your partnership out in the best way possible, full of the people you love and with an extra twist of luck.

How To Pick A Wedding Date According To Astrology?

In Chinese astrology for finding the right date, that means a few different rules:

  1. Avoid Chinese Zodiac Clashes. The Rat and Horse, the Ox and Sheep, the Tiger and Monkey, the Rabbit and Rooster, the Dragon and Dog, and the Snake and Pig are the pairs of conflict you want to avoid.

  2. Avoid Birthdays Of Any Important Relatives. Pay special attention to the bride’s family, but consider any important guests.

  3. Avoid A Year With A Family Funeral Or Another Family Wedding. It’s thought to bring bad luck.

  4. Avoid January, Lunar March, July, And October. These dates conflict with important Chinese festivals. But you can utilize lunar August, which is definitely an auspicious time for a wedding.

The most popular wedding months are popular wedding dates for a reason — it’s normally the time where the weather is beautiful and people are in a festive mood. Although it’s also when weddings are more expensive and venues are harder to find, so you have to weigh up the pros and cons.

Here are the popular months to consider:

  1. August

August consistently comes in as one of the most popular months — if not the most popular wedding month. And it’s easy to see why. Schools are on vacation, many people are taking holidays, and the weather is warm and the days are long. Of course, in some areas — like the south — an August wedding might be way too hot and it can be difficult to find a venue, so keep this in mind.

  1. May

May, with all of its romance blooming, is another popular wedding month. It might be a pain for those with children because schools are still in session, but it provides milder weather and a lot of natural greenery to create the ultimate romantic setting.

  1. June

June is another great options for weddings, with things steaming up and the rain that’s often associated with May finally passing. Just be careful to book far in advance — these dates go quickly.

Auspicious Wedding Dates In 2019

If you want to look at lucky wedding dates 2019 more generally, there are plenty of choices that should help you start your marriage off with love and laughter — and of course, a little luck.

Some auspicious wedding dates coming up in 2019 include:

  1. January 6th

On this date Venus, the planet of love, will reach its Greatest Western Elongation, meaning your wedding will be showered with love from above.

  1. March 21st

On this day there will be a rare Supermoon — an extra bright moon — will shine upon the earth, creating a romantic atmosphere and bringing good luck.

  1. December 22nd

The Winter Solstice will fall on December 22nd on 2019. This may be the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s also known for being a period of calm and reflection — a perfect time to get married.

  1. January 1st, February 2nd, March 3rd, April 4th, May 5th, June 6th, July 7th, August 8th, September 9th, October 10th, November 11th, December 12th

These dates are always great dates for a wedding — the repeated numbers (1/1, 2/2, 3/3…) not only bring luck, but they’re also easier to remember. And remember — 7 is the luckiest number.

What Is The Cheapest Month To Get Married?

Another way to pick a good wedding date is to take your budget into consideration. Peak wedding season traditionally runs from May to October, so choosing times outside of that season will give you a lot of cheaper options, with January normally being the cheapest month — December is also cheap, but with many people busy for the holidays, it can be tricky to pull off a wedding during that time.

Even though planning a wedding in January is unusual, you can have an amazing winter wedding and take advantage of the romantic, snowy atmosphere to have your dream wedding at a fraction of the price of a summer one.

How To Know Life Path Number And Choose Best Day To Get Married

Some people like to use wedding date numerology — by combing your life path number and your partner’s life path number, you can find the best day for the two of you to get married.

  1. Find Your Life Path Number

To find your life path number, use your birthday. So if you were born May 20, 1985 you would add 5 (the number for May) + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5. Together those numbers equal 30. Add 3 + 0 for a life path number of 3.

  1. Find Your Partner’s Life Path Number

Once you know your life path number, you can go through the same steps to find your partner’s life path number.

  1. Combine The Two

Once you have both of your life path numbers — if your partner’s life path number was 4, your combined number would be 7 — use that number to pick your date. Stick with the 7th of any month or any day in the 7th month, which is July. Looking for something even better? Then, go with July 7th. 7 also just happens to be the luckiest number in the world, so it’s a good number to keep in mind generally. 

Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2019

Finally, there are some dates that you might just want to avoid in 2019, either because they fall on important holidays or just because there are other events that might conflict — and of course, you always want to avoid bad luck on your wedding day. Here are some days that you might want to avoid.

  • Sunday, February 3, 2019 — Super Bowl Sunday

  • Friday, March 15, 2019 — the Ides of March

  • Saturday, April 6, 2019 — March Madness

  • Friday, April 19, 2019 — Passover

  • Sunday, April 21, 2019 — Easter Sunday

  • Sunday, May 12, 2019 — Mother’s Day

  • Sunday, June 16, 2019 — Father’s Day

  • Friday, September 13, 2019 — Friday the 13th

  • Friday, December 13, 2019 — Friday the 13th

Planning a wedding is a lot of fun — and once you find the best day to get married for you, you can really get the ball rolling. Consider your family, friends, and religion when choosing your wedding date, because you want to make sure the people you care about most can be there. Then look for the auspicious dates that can bring you a little luck, because it’s so great to start off your wedding on the right foot.


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How far in advance should you book your honeymoon?

Honeymoons aren’t cheap and, as a rule of thumb, the further you book in advance the more chances there are to save. Typically you start planning your wedding a year in advance. This is when you should book your honeymoon accommodations. This will save on airfare, hotels, and ensure that you beat the crowds during peak seasons.

How much does a typical honeymoon cost?

That’s a more difficult question. The average honeymoon costs $3800 to $4000. However, some destinations are far more and some are less. It all depends on how far you’re traveling, the time of year, and the level of luxury you demand. In reality, you set the budget.

Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations In 2019

Martinique, a Caribbean island

This French island with West Indian influence features steep hills, narrow streets, gardens, shops, and cafes. This stylish isle is an ideal honeymoon destination for rest, relaxation, and entertainment.

Visit the black sand beach honeymoon destinations of this stunning island, or tour the lush rainforests. Couples will get a kick out of the gorgeous colorful coastline, but the real crown of the isle is the still-smoldering volcano that plays a major role in Martinique’s history.

For whom

This honeymoon destination is for couples that have only one thing on their list of honeymoon destination priorities: To smile. There’s absolutely nothing to be stressed with here, and no matter which way you turn your head there’s surely something that will bring a grin to your face. Martinique is also for couples of discerning taste. The culinary options are top notch.

Best time to visit

Like most Caribbean islands, the best time to plan your honeymoon destination is when it’s dry, less humid, and cool. This occurs from December to April. If you want to avoid the crowds travel at a different time of year, just make sure to avoid hurricane season from September to October.


Aruba has made an appearance in more than one song, and for good reason! This Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela offers beautiful beaches, coves, architecture, culture, and smiling locals eager to share their happiness with you.

Spend your honeymoon at one of the best honeymoon resorts exploring historic sites, unique rock formations, sweeping national parks, and – of course – stress melting beaches.

For whom

Take a helicopter tour, rent an ocean fairing boat, enjoy a full-treatment spa day, and dine on the beach as the sun sets. There’s really far too many romantic honeymoon options to list, but that’s the key-word; romance. This honeymoon destination is for the true romantic.

Best time to visit

There’s a (very) small chance of a little bit of rain from October through January, but this romantic honeymoon destination is pretty well sunny all year round. In fact, Aruba lays just outside of the Hurricane Belt leaving it in a constant state of perfect weather.


Fiji isn’t just a great brand of bottled water, it’s one of the world’s famous beach honeymoon destinations! This series of more than 330 islands feature 2 main destinations – Viti Levu and Vanua Levu where couples can choose from relaxation, discover, and adventure. If you’re looking for a seaside getaway, Fiji is definitely the most popular honeymoon beach ideas.

Indulge in relaxation at the Sabeto Hot Springs, enjoy any number of fun watersports, ride down the tides on horseback, or sit back and enjoy an entertaining fire dance. Whatever your style, Fiji has a little bit for everyone.

For whom

As we mentioned, Fiji has a little something for everyone. But, couples with kids will find this honeymoon destination especially appealing. The islands offer world class kids clubs and nanny services so that your kids will have fun and be well taken care of while you do you.

Best time to visit

You’ll experience peak sun from July to September. But, you may want to avoid the wet season from November to April

Bora Bora

This tropical honeymoon destination is located northeast of Tahiti and best known for its turquoise lagoon and coral reef. Once you’re there, you’ll never want to leave. You won’t believe it now, but the first-hand experience is even more beautiful than these photos can show you.

What to do

Take a relaxing guided hike or tour, or spend your days and nights relaxing in one of Bora Bora’s iconic bungalow on stilts overlooking the gorgeous ocean waters. To kick up the adventure, try your hand at kitesurfing or feeding the rays and sharks.

For whom

Bora Bora is for honeymooners who literally want to get away from it all. Halfway between Mexico and New Zealand, aside from a few small islands, there’s literally nothing even remotely close. The island pace, beaches, and general sense of wellbeing have the unique ability to make you feel as though the island was created specifically for you. Enjoy your privacy any way you choose.

Best time to visit

If you truly want to get away from it all, steer clear of May through October. The weather is at its best, but it’s also the time year that draws the most tourists. November through April are almost equally gorgeous and you’ll have a little more space to yourself.


The Bahamas are located just between Florida and Cuba, making it one of the more accessible honeymoon ideas for most Americans. This cluster of islands offers a unique twist to the tropical getaway.

What to do

Soak in the unique honeymoon destinations sights like the pink sand, shallow-water beaches or local architecture. Or scuba through a 200-meter deep hole in the ocean floor or one of the world’s largest underwater cave systems.

For whom

The honeymoon destination is for couples who want to experience something that they can’t find anywhere else in the world. The combination of history and unique natural beauty is truly one of a kind.

Best time to visit

Peak time to visit the Bahamas is December through April. Arrive during this time and enjoy perpetually 60-degree weather. The one exception to this is November through April when hurricane season kicks in.



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The Newlywed Game was a TV show that hit airwaves in the late 1960s. Audiences immediately fell in love and started playing the game at home. There have been plenty of evolutions and variations throughout the decades, so you’ll have to start with this refresher on newlywed game questions and rules.

How To Play The Newlywed Game?

The first thing you’ll need is someone to keep track of the scores and to ask the questions; a host.

You’ll also need a few couples. Three teams seem to be the magic number, but you can play this game with any number of couples.

Gameplay is also very easy. Leave one spouse (the husbands for example) from each team in the room while they’re partners leave. Ask the same question to each player, and have them write down their answer. The spouses then return, and the host repeats the questions. Each time the couple’s answers match, points are awarded!

Three rounds is usually a good amount for a single game, but you can go through as many rounds as you wish, and assign scores whichever makes sense to you. Also, we recommend saving a few tougher questions for a higher-scoring bonus round.

What Do You Need To Play?

All you need are some papers and pens to write down answers and a scorecard to keep track of who’s winning. Aside from that you just need regular entertainment like music, food, and drinks.

The most difficult part about planning the game are the questions, and that’s why we’re here. We have the best-newlywed game questions and put them into categories that you can use to structure your perfect game night.

Wife Round Questions

You can choose whichever style and structure you prefer, but it’s usually best to make His and Hers questions. This list of Wife Round Questions is a great way to start the game. The trick is to find questions that she should know the answer to…

  1. When your husband cooks for you, would he say that you love it, like it, or hate it?

  2. Would your husband say that he prefers you with makeup or natural?

  3. Finish this sentence, “I wish my husband would pay as much attention to me as he does his _________.”

  4. Will your husband say that you spend more money or he spends more?

  5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would your husband say that you would go?

  6. Will he say you are a morning person or a night person?

  7. What is the one thing of your husband’s that you would throw away?

  8. Who will your husband say is his celebrity crush?

  9. What is the one thing that your husband does that drives you crazy?

  10. What will your husband say is your go-to web site?

  11. If your husband could have any superpower or be any superhero, what/who would it be?

  12. What is one word that your husband uses that you wish he wouldn’t?

  13. Which one of your relatives would you say your husband likes the least?

  14. It’s double date night, who does your husband want to go out with?

  15. Which one of you would be the most likely to look at your phone during the main event of the date?

  16. What was your husband’s first job?

  17. Which one of you is the biggest procrastinator?

  18. How would your husband complete this sentence? My wife is a natural-born ___________.

  19. Complete this sentence: I knew I had found the love of my life when she _______________.

  20. Fill in the blank, My husband is the world’s best ___________.

  21. Fill in the blank, My husband is the world’s worst ___________.

  22. What celebrity does your husband look like?

  23. If your husband could have a different job what would it be?

  24. What was your husband’s first vehicle?

  25. Has your husband ever cried during a movie? Which Movie?

  26. What will your husband say that he loves about you the most?

  27. It’s your night to pick the movie, will you pick something action-packed, lol funny, or tissue-worthy?

  28. What was the name of your first boyfriend?

  29. How many cylinders does his car have?

  30. What is the one material thing your husband owns that means the most to him?

  31. Which of the following candies best describes your first kiss? Starburst, Hot Tamales, Goobers, or Milk Duds?

  32. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

  33. What gift that your spouse gave you came as the biggest surprise?

  34. If your husband died and came back as a dog, what breed would he be? Chihuahua, Lab, or Bulldog.

  35. How long will your husband say it takes you to get ready to go out? 15 minutes, an hour, or 3 hours?

Husband Round Questions

How it’s time for the Husband Round Questions, and these newlywed game questions were designed specifically for him. Let’s see if he’s been paying attention.

  1. Which of the following breakfast cereals best describes your wife’s family’s opinion of you when they first met you? Just Right, Oatmeal Squares, Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops.

  2. When did you last give your wife flowers?

  3. What was the name of your wife’s childhood pet?

  4. If you told your wife that tomorrow you would do any one item from her Honey-Do list, what would she choose?

  5. What will your wife say is the first thing you do in the morning?

  6. Is your wife always late, always early, or right on time?

  7. What’s the name of your wife’s favorite store?

  8. What household chore do you do better than your wife?

  9. What was your wife wearing on your first date?

  10. If your wife is texting someone, who is it most likely to be?

  11. If your wife could spend a day in the life of someone else, who would it be?

  12. Finish this sentence: “Every time my wife goes shopping she brings home another __________.”

  13. What was the last thing you did for your wife that she never expected?

  14. What will your wife say is her favorite time of the year?

  15. Would your wife say she prefers gold or silver?

  16. What are two things your wife made you get rid of before moving in together?

  17. If you were to look through your wife’s purse, what are two things you would find?

  18. Your wife found a genie lamp, name one of her three wishes.

  19. What is your wife’s favorite day of the week?

  20. When your wife goes to the grocery store, what 2 items does she come home with that weren’t on the list?

  21. What is your wife’s favorite animal?

  22. What are the names of your wife’s 2 best friends from high school?

  23. If your wife could send you to a Body Repair Shop, what on you would she have fixed?

  24. What percentage of the housework would your wife say you do?

  25. If your wife could be married to a movie star who would they choose?

  26. What food does your wife just refuse to eat (not related to allergies)?

  27. If you were given $500 to spend on your wife, what would it be?

  28. What item of clothing does your wife wear that you just can’t stand?

  29. Who’s a better driver?

  30. What was the last book your wife read?

  31. How hogs the blankets?

  32. What is the color of your wife’s toothbrush?

  33. If your wife could be reincarnated as any animal, what would she choose?

  34. What was the most your wife ever paid for shoes?

  35. If your wife could hire a private performance, which band or music star would it be?

Bonus Questions for Newlywed Game Party

It’s time for the bonus round! You can re-write these next Bonus Questions but we prefer that the husband and wife sit together as they answer these questions. Both have to get it right or no points!

  1. Finish this sentence: “If I were to dye my hair he would like it to be__________, but he would hope that I didn’t color it____________.”

  2. Finish this sentence: “My husband can fix a__________ like a boss, but when it comes to fixing__________ he should call in the professionals.”

  3. His least favorite chore is ________. Her least favorite chore is ________ .

  4. You’re going on vacation. His must-have item is _______. Her must-have item is _____.

  5. He doesn’t like his wife’s friend _______. She doesn’t like her husband’s friend _____.

  6. How does your spouse take their coffee?

  7. What will he/she say are 2 things they miss from childhood?

  8. When we go to a bar he always drinks___________ and she always drinks ___________.

  9. It’s game night. He wants to play ____ and she wants to play ____.

  10. It’s date night. He’s going to wear _____, she’s going to wear _____.

  11. He’s buying flowers. What kind of flowers are they?

  12. Who kissed who first?

  13. You’re trapped on a deserted island. Who eats who to stay alive?

  14. You’re on death row for a crime you didn’t commit. What is your last meal?

  15. Name 3 of the top 5 songs on your spouses iPod.

  16. If you could go back to school with no financial or professional consequences, what would you study?

  17. If you could only read 2 books over and over again for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  18. What are the 2 must have pizza toppings?

  19. Name 2 things you would find in your wife’s purse or husband’s wallet

  20. If you were to grow a garden, what are the two vegetables your spouse would insist on?

Best Newlywed Game Questions About Dating

This round of newlywed game questions for families is safe for the kids and grandparents alike. It’s also a great way to run through the memories you made on your big day.

  1. How many dates did it take before you kissed?

  2. Where did your first kiss happen?

  3. What did the husband wear on the first date?

  4. When did you realize that your spouse was “the one”?

  5. What’s the name of your spouse’s ex?

  6. What was your worst date?

  7. How did your family react when you announced your engagement?

  8. Who caught the bridal bouquet?

  9. How many tiers for your wedding cake? What kind of cake?

  10. Who decided which song to play for the First Dance?

  11. Who said “I love you” first?

  12. What is the strangest gift your spouse ever bought for you?

  13. What habit of your spouse gets on your nerves?

  14. They’re playing your song. What song is it?

  15. Your spouse asks you to grab her a treat from the store on your way home. What do you buy?

  16. Who’s handier?

  17. Your spouse asks you to get fast food for dinner. Where do you stop?

  18. Your spouse has the day off and an empty house. How does your spouse spend the day?

  19. Who spends more time in the shower?

  20. Who would your spouse say is the “better catch”?

If you’ve been in search for the best wedding games for your reception, you’ve found it. We hope that you can copy/paste these lists directly into your game night or, at the very least, use it as inspiration to craft your own Newlywed Game event.

As always, we had a great time helping you through your wedding day journey and look forward to seeing you again for more great hints, tips, DIYs, and lists. Come back soon!

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There are numerous ways to save money abound, starting by setting a clearly defined budget on your venue, catering, dresses, and even entertainment.

This post will show you what to look out for at every stage, how to curb unnecessary expenses, right channeling of finance and how to save money on a wedding!

Set Up A Clearly Defined Budget

When planning your wedding, set a defined budget of all the things necessary for you to pull off a wedding. Include all the tiniest things and mark a price to each. Follow the steps below and find essential tips to plan your wedding budget!

  • Start With A Hard Maximum Budget

One of the effective ways to save on a wedding is to be realistic with your planning and call for help. Collate a list of everything, down to the tiniest bit of things you need and make a rough sum. Check the savings of you and your partner to see how much you can come up with.

You can also call up both pairs of parents to know how much they’d support with or what they’d take care of. Exhaust all the help avenues open to you for the wedding. Whatever you get in total, is your hard maximum budget.

  • Make A List Of All Expenses

Make a broad list which contains everything about your wedding, leaving nothing out. Put down your wedding dress to the venue, floral budget up to your wedding food costs with real price ranges. It is easier to place prices on fixed items and services such as the wedding entertainment which includes the music, food, drinks, and photography.

Consult companies or firms you want to work with for your wedding and weigh prices. You can also ask friends who are recently wedded or those in the business of event management. This way, you will get diverse price ranges within your budget.

  • Make a Buffer For Unknown Expenses

Making buffers for unprecedented expenses a part of your wedding budget is one life hack you can’t ignore. Make it between 15 – 30% of your budget and you can be of sure of a definite soft landing. You may not even get to use it at all. Something may go wrong with the wedding flowers or seats and the buffer cushions then lapses.

It’s also common knowledge that at weddings, the guests either have an affinity for the food or drinks. Your alcoholic beverages may need repeated supply because some guests cannot stop drinking. Your buffer comes to the rescue.

  1. Ways To Save Money On Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are beautiful and everything classy, but with wanting to save, it is not something to splurge on. More so, we are in a time where going paperless is easier, more efficient and faster. This is an avoidable waste which you can save a lot from.

  • Use Electronic Invitations

This is especially for the couple who have tech-savvy guests gracing their wedding. Send your wedding invites through emails or other social media private messaging platforms. You can also source for websites online which let you send invites for free.

Another way to do this is to set up your own websites with your best-loved up pictures and keep your guests aware of it. That way, they can RSVP online and keep up with your wedding planning process and adjustments. You can also choose either your maid of honor or best man to receive RSVP through phone calls.

  • Print Your Own Invitations

Printing your own wedding invitations, beyond saving costs also allows a room for creativity. If you have friends who love to design or draw, sweet talk them into helping you make some invites. If people with such talents are absent in your life, there are wedding invitation templates to the rescue.

Etsy is a very huge place to find some of the most beautiful templates. Pay, then download a template that matches your wedding theme/colors and print away in the comfort of your home. This will save you so much money, enough to cater to other pressing needs.

  • DIY Invitations

Are you looking for a way to not just save money, but get creative, stamp on your personality and have fun? DIY invitations are the way to go, one which will have very willing volunteers. It will also save you so much money as against professionally produced invites.

You will need to buy materials and that should cost about 15% of total professionally made invites budget. Go on Pinterest where there is a parade of beautiful designs, make a pick and work with ones that best suit. Same goes for appreciation cards. Buy or make low budget minimalist thank-you cards.

  1. Ways To Save On Wedding Venue

The most convenient venue for your wedding is one so beautiful, strategically located and suits your budget. Ballrooms, hotel banquets, and halls are fine for those who are wealthy. But if you are looking at how to save money on a wedding through venues, below is how.

  • Skip The Saturdays

The popular hashtag “Saturdays are for weddings” is not a myth. Saturdays are really for weddings all over, maybe because most people do not have to go to work. If you are looking for ways to save money on a wedding, please skip Saturdays. Saturdays will definitely be the most expensive day and all booked.

Pick any of the weekdays or nights and you would still have a beautiful wedding. Getting married on a Sunday is not a bad idea either. How about you pick Wednesdays too? This way, you save a lump sum while having a beautiful cheap wedding.

  • Try Urban Venues

Couples who live in rural areas or the countryside’s have the beauty of wineries, breweries, fields, and yards for weddings. For couples who live in the cities or exclusive suburbs, we ask you to try out the urban venues. Places like restaurants, art galleries, museums, parks, and public yards are life savers.

These are places which do not cater to the wedding, so prices will be reasonable. They may need you to pay for their food and drinks which will be the normal rate for other patrons. Only make sure they have areas that can sit in all your guests in comfort.

  • Use The Venue’s Resources

The resources the venue may have depends on what place you have chosen to hold your wedding. Find out what the venue you chose will offer as part of the rental fee. How to save on wedding rentals is to make sure that the venue offers almost everything as part of the fee. Make sure to choose a venue with an opulent décor.

Some places may choose to supply seats, table covers, linen, cutleries and all. But if you choose someplace like a public yard or park, you may have to spend money on decor, lightning and other logistics.

  1. How To Save Money On A Wedding Dress

Every bride wants her wedding dress to be the cynosure of all eyes. This you can get at budget-friendly. What is the need for splurging on a dress you’d probably wear only once in your life? Learn ways to save money on a wedding dress instead.

  • Borrowing a Dress And Accessories

Meet up that friend or aunt who just wedded and ask to borrow her wedding dress, maybe for a fee. There’s also that regardless wedding dress that is sometimes passed down to brides in some families. It may be out of date or not your style, but borrow it and take permission to the altar. You would end up looking like a million bucks.

Accessories are very important parts of your wedding ensemble, such as shoes, veil, tiara, bracelets and more. If you’re lucky to have heirlooms in the family, do borrow, as long as you keep them in good condition.

  • Shop Sample Gowns

Many brides may not like the sound of this, but this is one of the top wedding money saving tips. Buy sample gowns! Sample gowns are those ones on display, which stores give the potential buyers to try out. If you opt to buy these gowns, you will get them at heavy discounts.

The downside of buying sample gowns is that they are not in good conditions most of the time, due to excessive handling. If you get ones without any faults, then you’re most lucky. Otherwise, you may have to spend a token to fix all the faults found.

  • Find Sales

If your dream is not to borrow or buy sample gowns, there is still hope. Take advantage of sales by stores or designers. Watch out for when there are massive sales with huge price slash and go get your gown. You can also scout your favorite websites for when they begin sales, as you could get a $2500 Vera Wang gown for $320.

Good preloved and old stock designer gowns are also everywhere at discounted prices. No one would know they were even preloved. This is a way to save money on your dress. You can resell when you’re done.

  1. Saving Wedding Money On Catering

Wedding food costs constitute a large chunk of the wedding budget. You have to pay for the food, drinks, labor and put a buffer in place, in case. With the tips below, you will find tricks which will help you save from catering.

  • Bring Your Own Food

Bringing your own food to your wedding is the number one smart thing to do. You’ll be saving more than half the amount you would give to a caterer or wedding vendor. This is something you can do within the comfort of your home. Go for foods or pastries that are easy to whip up.

If the number of guests you are expecting is a lot, get friends and relatives to help or take turns in making batches. You could also order the foods you want from any eatery and have them delivered to your venue at a normal price.

  • Avoid The Traditional Sit-Down Dinner

Traditional sit-down dinners are costly to pull off, although a very classy and extravagant affair. This is because they entail all the course meals that will burn a hole in your pocket in seconds. Brunches and lunches are well advised instead, as they cost less and with light food.

No buffet where people can make their choice of foods, go for cocktails with a limited menu option. You could serve up homemade biscuits, tiny cheeseburgers, pigs in a blanket, cake and ice cream. Your chef could also make some southern fried chicken and pasta. The aim is to have fun!

  • Simplify Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is a money sucker at celebrations, which may drain your buffer. To save some money here, you should make your own blend of alcohol.

Another method is to create an open bar and pay for an alcoholic beverage that you can alternate for different cocktails. For example, with a bottle of tequila, a DIY margarita bar is ready. From same tequila, you can make passion cocktail, sangria, Bloody Mary, Paloma and more.

All you need for your alcohol supply are different styles of cocktails. Augment with some choice wine as a way to save money on wedding expenses.

  1. Ways To Save Money On Wedding Cake

The wedding cake, cut to show love, happiness, and unity at weddings is necessary for some people. So, they splurge on it and even get fixated on the outcome. But these days, people are looking for a way to save by reviewing choices and opting for alternatives.

  • Have A Small Cake

Don’t we all love to dream of having unending tiers or even a huge castle cake? We sure do! But a cold reminder is that the more the tiers, the more you spend. The more the embellishments and complexity, they more money it takes. So, our advice is to go simple and small.

Get your local bakery or confectionery to make you a regular cake, they don’t even have to know it’s for a wedding. Has it delivered to you or you go for a pickup? Do not underestimate the wonders that local bakeries come up with. Small cake wins!

  • Design the Cake By Yourself

Designing your wedding cake by yourself is one way to save money from professional touch. It is also an opportunity to learn something new, get creative and leave your personal touch on your cake. We advise that if you want to go this route, take some free classes online if you are a novice at designing. You may also leverage relationships by asking friends or family that know the art to help.

It begins with you wanting everything to be homemade or ordered ones. Make use of real flowers, colorful ribbons and edible glitter for your preferred design.

  • Try A Non-Traditional Dessert

It is okay to not conform to tradition by thinking outside the box. Who says you must have a cake at a wedding? No modern rulebook says that. Your wedding day is only for the two of you, so do what makes you happy. Nobody will notice the absence of a cake and to be honest, no one cares. Go for alternatives like desserts. You will save more and serve more.

Opt for desserts that are in popular demand at weddings. Ice creams, different shapes of cookies, tiny sandwiches, pies or even cupcakes. Your local bakeries have got you covered!

  1. Tips To Save Money On Wedding Decor

From the venue décor to your wedding flowers, the floral budget of your dreams will cost a king’s ransom. But with few hacks, you can outsmart the budget, save a lot and still have your dream décor and wedding bouquet. This is where we show you how!

  • Choose Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Flowers for weddings are really expensive, especially if you are going for a bouquet of real flowers like roses or orchids. To save money on décor and flowers, go for flowers in bloom at the time of your wedding. They are cheaper to get and come in a rich variety of colors that will match your theme.

Do not order from afar, so that they don’t wilt before they get used. Patronize local businesses or pluck from your garden. Go chic, boho or tropical with Florals. This way, you’ll save over 50% cash from your floral budget.

  • Make Simple Decorations

This is a tricky process and is about taking advantage of your space and allowing it to shine through simplicity. It’s one of the reasons we insist that the ambiance of your chosen venue be beautiful. This applies to both indoor and outdoor venues.

For outdoor venues, the backdrop is breathtaking and ethereal. Emphasize on the beauty with minimal décor, but do not invade it, to avoid a clash. Indoor venue is a different story, with touch-ups needed light the place up. Vases, carpets, twinkle lights, candles, and sprinkled flowers will light the place up over grand chandeliers any day!

  • Borrow Décor From Other Newlyweds

Get your newly married friend or relative to lend you the décor they used for their wedding. Getting some lightings, venue florals and other décor materials for free will save you huge cost. You may also join some groups on social media, where they loan out as much wedding décor as you need.

Another fruitful option is to look out for renowned wedding décor and floral stores for any excess they may have. Often times, they have décor from old stock which they are willing to dispose of. They can lend or give it to you for free for your wedding.

  1. Wedding Money Saving Tips On Entertainment

You’d have to map out much money for wedding entertainment, as it is a major highlight of the day. They want to walk and dance to the perfect music for every stage of the wedding. They also want to capture all the pleasant memories. Now, let’s help you save!

  • Choose Your DJ Wisely

As a way of saving cost, your DJ will do a 2 in 1 job of music and emcee. The smart thing is to hire a band/ DJ with years of similar experience. Skip the phone discussion and see them, because body language tells a lot more.

Determine how flexible and free they are at public interactions and if they find directing traffic easy and comfortable. Their years of experience working on your kind of wedding venue is also very important. Do not give out your wedding to a DJ who’s a novice working on your venue.

  • Limit Your Photographer’s Hours

How to save money on a wedding photographer is to limit the photographer’s time. Yes, there is the urge to capture smiles, movements, décor and all. But if you leave them to roam free, you’d end up with a bill that will give you a fit.

While the wedding preparations are ongoing, you do not need them, so let them stay back. Ask them to arrive once the ceremony begins. Take pictures at the ceremony and before the reception with everyone. Have them capture special moments at the reception and you’re done. They need not stay for the after party.

  • Consider Hiring A Photography School Student

Hiring a photography school student to cover your wedding is another fast way to save money on photographers. Look for the best of them with a thorough testament to the jobs they have done and engage their services. They are still fresh on the field and very enthusiastic and looking for opportunities. This will make them agree to do jobs at low prices most of the time, giving you huge discounts as against celebrated photographers.

They are also careful and will deliver in record time so that they can get a good reference and consistent patronage. It’s a win for all.

  1. Saving Wedding Money On Favours

Every guest loves to go home with something they can snack on after the wedding, these are wedding favors. These wedding freebies cost between $2 – $5, depending on what kind of favors. Things to consider are cost, number of guests and savings.

  • Make Your Own Wedding Favors

Making your own wedding favors will save you a lot of money because you know the number of guests coming to your wedding. You also have total control over how much is far-gone on materials. Homemade wedding favors are rich and unique because they are handmade with a lot of love.

With up custom made and well-packaged edibles like candies, cinnamon rolls, chocolate bars, lollipop, doughnuts or maple syrup. You may also opt for different shapes and flavors of your favorite cookies. Well-packaged bottles of homemade juices with a variety of flavor will do fine.

  • Choose A Charitable Favor

Have you have tried slashing costs on your wedding favor budget and there is still no headway? Then donate to charity on their behalf and that problem is out! No one can question, because they may not even be looking forward to it.

Pick one or few charities of your choice and send a token donation to them. Cite your guests or both of you being the couple as the givers. Place candies or finger foods in small trays on tables. A state with a card that it’s for their pleasure and inform them that the favor will be kindly donated to charity.

  • Skip Favors

There is no rigid laid down rule that says wedding favors are a must at every wedding. Favor at weddings is a trend you either choose to subscribe to or not. Favors are not an important aspect or a must do at a wedding. This actually lists very low on the scale of preference.

If you checked your financial strength and that of everyone around and you know that you cannot handle favors, skip it! Do not bother with it, as signature cocktails and homemade juices will do. For explanation sake, write on place cards that favors were kindly donated.

To make your wedding planning less stressful and expensive, we’ve made for you this infographic – click “Pin” and save it!

his post offers 27 solid tips on how to save money on a wedding for every type of budget, whether big or small. Every wedding expense is a budget regardless of the size, but you can have a beautiful wedding whichever way. Apply these pieces of advice to save wedding money and you will not have to break the bank or go broke in the name of getting married!

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Feminist porn is gaining more and more popular as more people want to make ethical choices in the historically patriarchal world of porn. It’s not a secret that a lot of happy couples watch adult movies together, and use them to enhance their sexual life. But at the same time, mainstream porn often provides unrealistic expectations on ways to please a woman, and toxic ideas about power dynamics in relationships.

No more misogyny and exploitation! Hurray to women-friendly ethical porn!

If you don’t need any more pieces of advice and want to watch some free feminist porn right now, click here. In case, if you have questions, and are maybe reading this at public place, let’s go deeper:

What is feminist porn? Main distinctive features

Best feminist porn is all about pleasure – no fake orgasms, the only real deal. Feminist porn sites remind us what sexual intercourse is all about. Lots of lube poses that work for all the partners – watching feminist porn you can be sure that what you see is real. Also, it is essential for this type of adult business to be an ethical workplace for the cast and crew. No one does what they don’t want to do – the true joy of sex is all there.

So why do we need feminist porn?

Isn’t there enough mainstream porn already? Do women really need it? First of all, we need it to challenge stereotypes – the recent survey shows that up to 30% of women watch porn, so there definitely needs to be woman-friendly content for women to watch. It’s important that here people don’t fall into categories according to their race, gender or color of their hair. Feminist porn is all about organic sex, and sexual play that feels good to performers.

Free Feminist Porn

If you are looking for free feminist porn, keep in mind that sex work is work too, which means it needs to be paid. Stay an ethical consumer – use ethical porn sites where videos are non-stolen. If you just want something sexy for free – take a look at some of our sexy wedding pictures and relax.

Main Porn Search Tips

So if you’ve decided to give it a try with your partner (trust us, watching feminist porn together can make your married sex life much more interesting!), here are some porn search tips.

  • Discuss the idea with your partner (the conversation can start quite innocently while watching wedding sexy photos for groom). Move on to more details. Get sexy.

  • Mention your interest in porn that is female-focused. Agree on types of videos you are both ready to explore. If your partner is not ready yet – get back to discussion of sexy wedding dresses. Try again later.

  • Talk to your partner while watching – what excites both of you? What would you like to try together?

  • If you have kids or share a computer – don’t forget to put your browser in incognito mode first.

Where To Find Feminist Porn? Top Ethical Porn Sites

Need a feminist porn guide? Here are some of the best feminist porn companies, which have some of the top best feminist porn movies. Take a look at our feminist porn review to learn more!

Lust Cinema

This subscription-based service is great for anyone who wants an alternative, with a lot of female-oriented titles. The site has vintage and modern feminist porn, tutorials, romance, and kink. Monthly membership starts at $34.95, a six-month subscription goes down to $16 per month.


A great website with HD erotic films, stories, and galleries that have a female-centered storyline. Sensuality, teasing, fantasy, and light bondage. A home for your fantasies that has a one-week trial for 6.95$ only!

X Confessions

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Passionate vod

This website offers feminist porn movies on demand. Just buy credit and use it as often as you want. Thirty minutes start at as low as $6.00. The website has a list of porn stars and a lot of various categories for the pickiest viewers.

Pink Label TV

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Lady Cheeky

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Abby Winters

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Heavenly Spire

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Post originally was published on Wedding Forward

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Post originally was published on Wedding Forward

Muslim wedding dresses are as beautiful and colorful as they get. What Muslim women should wear for a wedding to look glamorous as well as modest? These Muslim wedding dresses are simple and stylish, sometimes decorated with jewels, sometimes with intricate ornaments, these gowns sure do make the bride stand out while also honoring the centuries-old traditions. We would recommend you to see these exclusive bridal gowns to make your big day really stunning.


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