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Wine and Beer Sprint Banner 

29 March - 2 April 2014 

Cape Town, South Africa and Munich, Germany

This sprint is coordinated with the Plone-Documentation-Sprint (also in Munich, March 26th - March 30th) and has a overlapping weekend for people interested in both.
The event is sponsored by the Plone Foundation and organised by Juizi.com (ZA), Syslab.com and Starzel.de (DE)



For details for the teams and tasks please see http://titanpad.com/pZRxVsPeRP

This sprint focuses on advancing Plone 5

The current list of essential TODOs for Plone 5 can be found here: https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/issues/184

Topics include:

  • Finalizing of the new Plone 5-Theme
  • Cleanup (formlib > z3cform, portal properties > p.a.registry, tools and skins > browserviews)
  • plone.app.toolbar and the new folder-contents
  • plone.app.contenttypes
  • plone.app.widgets
  • Cleanup plone.de, Review content, Layout

We'll focus on the PLIPS accepted by the framework-team for Plone 5. The PLIPS are here: https://dev.plone.org/report/24.

Since we'll work on any tasks that are not yet done after the cathedral-sprint (https://www.coactivate.org/projects/cathedral-sprint-2014) this list is in no way final. As usual sprinters decide for themselves what they will sprint on.

In addition some sprinters (Stefan Antonelli & Steffen Lindner) work on a cleanup of plone.de, fellow campaigner welcome! Titanpad


Everyday (except Sunday) 

9:30h: Very short standup 
19:00h: Sprint report 

Open Spaces (on demand)  

Saturday 29.03 Arrival
12:00h (when everyone is there): Detailed planning-session to split up in teams and agree what we want to focus on. 
Lunch: Coffee & Cake ( Bavarian Apple Pie & Cherry Cake)
Dinner: Open (or perhaps http://www.ohjulia.de/index.html  or http://www.destina-muenchen.de/  two Italian restaurants in downtown Munich. The menu card is favourable with a large selection of different dishes, drinks and also buffet). 

Sunday 30.03

Lunch: Traditional Bavarian White Sausages with Prezels and sweet Mustard (Philip will bring these)

Evening: Savanna (South African restaurant with exotic food and Safari atmosphere http://www.savanna-munich.com/)

Monday 31.03

Lunch: Buffet with great oriental food from Tarboosh (a restaurant just opposite from SYSLAB, http://www.tarboosh.de/).

Evening: Sichuan Hot Pot at Fire Dragon (Chinese restaurant with great chinese food, Paul-Heyse-Str. 29 http://www.firedragonlounge.de)


Tuesday 01.04.
Lunch: Goulash soup (Philip will bring the soup)
18:30h Meeting with the Plone/Python-Usergroup Munich at the sprint-location 

  • Configuration & Infrastructure Management with Salt (http://www.saltstack.com/), Martin Hoefling 
  • Modern Javascript in Plone, Rok Garbas?

Afterwards: Bavarian pork - inferno at Augustinian Bräustuben (Landsberger Straße 19, http://www.braeustuben.de)  


Wednesday 02.04

Lunch: Bavarian donuts 




Attendees Cape Town

Organised ad hoc, contact Johan Beyers, Juizi for details.


Attendees Munich

[ name ] [ company ] [ dates ] [ % sure ] 

  1. Philip Bauer, starzel.de, full sprint, 100%
  2. Steffen Lindner, starzel.de, full sprint, 100%
  3. Alexander Pilz, syslab.com, full sprint, 100%
  4. Wolfgang Thomas, syslab.com, full sprint, 100%
  5. Manuel Reinhardt, syslab.com full sprint, 100%
  6. Cillian de Roiste, syslab.com, full sprint, 100%
  7. Alexander Loechel, LMU, partial, 100%
  8. Sven Strack, full sprint 100%
  9. Johannes Raggam, programmatic/BDA, SA-MO, 100%
  10. Daniel Widerin, full sprint, 90%
  11. Jens Klein, Klein & Partner KG, BDA, full sprint, 100%
  12. Paul Roeland, full sprint, 95%
  13. Robert Niederreiter, Squarewave Computing, BDA, 50%
  14. Patrick Gerken, Starzel, full sprint, 100%
  15. Rok Garbas, Freelance, full sprint, 100%
  16. Simone Orsi, Abstract.it, 29-1, 100%
  17. Giacomo Spettoli, Redturtle, 2 days, 95%
  18. Korbinian Preisler, virtual things, full sprint, 99%
  19. Stefan Antonellli, operun, 30-31, 100%
  20. Benjamin Stefaner, Klein & Partner KG, BDA, Mo-Mi, 100%
  21. Mike Metcalfe, WebTide, 2 days, 100%



    Twitter: #wab14
    IRC: #sprint on freenode.net

      Social Events and Food in Munich          

      • http://www.savanna-munich.com/ is the only African restaurant in Munich! It offers different menus, most of which is grill food, but there are also vegetarian food and fish dishes with good South African wines and a fun, safari-inspired decor. So if you are into crocodiles, tigers and elephants this is definitely a place to check out :-)))
      • Sichuan Hot Pot at Fire Dragon (Paul-Heyse-Str. 29, http://www.firedragonlounge.de )
      • Bavarian pork-inferno at Augustiner Bräustuben (Landsberger Straße 19, http://www.braeustuben.de )
      • Great Vienamese Food at Restaurant Banyan (Goethestraße 68, http://www.banyan-restaurant.de )

      Getting there


      • From the Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof): First go South on Bahnhofplatz / Luisenstr. against Bayerstr., continue along Bahnhofplatz (180 m), take the first turn right and go along Bayerstr. (170 m), Turn left and follow Goethestr. (350 m), take the second turn right and go along Landwehrstr., until you reach the destination on the right hand.Important: You have to enter the yard. (Outside you will se a sign with SYSLAB.COM). At the end of the yard, SYSLAB.COM lives in the basement of the large white building.
      • Coming from Munich Airport (Franz Josef Strauss): Take S1 or S8 (whichever is the first to leave the station) with direction towards Munich Central Station. The trip will take about 40 minutes (and follow the instructions above). You can check the departure times here: www.mvv-muenchen.de The regional trains leave downstairs from the central area of the airport between terminal 1 and 2. Tickets are available from the machines on the ground floor and also at Terminal 2 at the end of the platform. If the size of the ticket fits the blue stamping machine, you must stamp it. If it has been generated in a newer machine, it should have a date and time on it, in which case it won´t fit in the slot and you don´t need to stamp it. Ticket prices: it is usually best to get a day pass ticket, if you are going to make any other journeys on the day of arrival. A day pass ticket for all area zones (necessary for the airport) costs 11,70 Euros for one adult OR 21,30 Euros for a Airport-City-Day-Ticket-Partner. A single (not a day ticket) for one adult costs 10,40 Euros. Kids under the age of 6 travel for free. Kids aged 6-14 pay 1,30 Euros for a single and 2,90 Euros for a day pass ticket. A Taxi costs around 55 Euros.
      • Arrivals by Car: Our address is Landwehrstr. 60-62. We suggest that you use GPS or googlemaps (and follow the instructions above, when arriving in Landwehrstr.).
      • Arrivals by Train: Follow the instructions above (from the Main Central Station).
      • Arrivals by Bus: The ZOB (Central Bus Station) is conveniently located at the regional railway station Hackerbrücke. From here it is only one stop with the regional train (or a ten minute walk) to Munich Central Station, whereafter you just follow the instructions above. A single trip costs 1,30 Euros.



        • Euro Youth Hotel  - Dorm - 11-30 €, single rooms 34.50-60€, 100m from central station
        • A&O Hostel - Dorm: 17.20€, twin room 33€, single room 50€
        • 4 You Hostel - Mixed Dorm (with shared bathroom) 20 - 36 €, Twin room with shared bathroom 33 € per night
        • Wombats City Hostel  Mixed Dorm from 17-22 € per night
        • Jaeger's Munich  SIngle Private room 39 €, Mixed Dorm from 11-27 € per night 

         Pensions and Bed & Breakfast:

        • Bed in Munich - private room from 37€ per night incl breakfast
        • Pension am Nordbad  Singleroom 43-48 Euro per night, Doubleroom 55-60 Euros per night
        • Pension Fleischmann - Single room with shared shower 31 Euros per night, Double room with shared showers 42 Euros per night, Breakfast is included 
        • Hotel Montree - Single room from 50 Euros per night, double room from 60 Euros per night (without breakfast. Breakfast buffet costs 5 Euros per person) 

        Two-Three Star Hotels:

        • Ibis Muenchen City Nord - Prices for a single room from 75 Euros (extra charge for breakfast)
        • Ibis München Parkstadt Schwabing - Prices for a single room from 72 Euros (extra charge for breakfast)
        • Hotel Monaco - Prices for a single room from 85 Euros (extra charge for Breakfast of 8 Euros per Person)
        • Hotel Hahn - Prices for a single room from 57 Euros (extra charge for Breakfast of 9 Euros per person)

        Four Star Hotels:

      Sharing rooms:

      • The BlueDynamics Alliance Sprint Flat ~3km from sprint location (easy to go there by public transport) may have room for 2 more people, just ask jens@bluedynamcis.com twitter:@yenzenz



      Here is the page from the old 2013 Wine & Beer-Sprint: 2013