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xaba-balance.jpgNAME: xaba      COUNTRY: Brazil      CURRENTLY LOCALIZATION: Southeast Region - Brazil

LANGUAGES: Portuguese (native), Spanish (very good), English (good), Italian (medium)

TAGS: TECH (Physics Master, Informatics, Electronics, Internet, Radio, Free Software), SOCIAL (Communication, Facilitation, Networking, Activism, Dragon Dreaming, Projects, Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizations), WELL-BEING (Permaculture, Arts, Music, Sports, Bike, Healing, RawFood, Yoga, Nature)

EXCHANGING AND SHARING: I'm open to invitations to participate or collaborate at conferences, meetings and workshops. I offer the following activities:

                  • Designing of projects using Dragon Dreaming methodology: http://dragondreaming.org
                  • Helping to develop projects of permaculture, ecovillages, agroecology, agroforestry and conscious consumption networks
                  • Design, organize, manage, facilitate strategy, communication, information, groups and provide technical support for social, cultural, environment, technical activism movements

    NEEDS: Receive support to develop my activities.

    CONTACTS:      E-mail: xaba [at] riseup [dot] net      Skype: xabaom

    Copyleft (GNU/FDL): Permission is granted to copy, distribute and use the contents of this website on the condition that they NOT be used for commercial purposes and/or profit, unless you obtain permission from the copyright holder and that in all cases be recognized authorship of it with proper citation of the source.