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  • CASA Continental - GEN Latin America
    CASA Continental is a network of networks that has intended articulate and strengthen the national Latin American networks that promote, educate, research and spraid information about sustainable and regenerative lifestyles. CASA Continental is part of GEN - Global Ecovillage Network.
    Website: http://casacontinental.org
  • GEN-IS/IT Teams
    GEN-IT (Tech) is the workgroup of GEN responsible for developing and/or suport the technical tools used in the network how: websites, e-mail lists, servers, etc. GEN-IS (Information Service) is a workgroup of GEN responsable for design strategy, communication and information for the network.
    Website: http://ecovillage.org
  • Dragon Dreaming Design Project Network
    Dragon Dreaming is a holistic method created and developed by John Croft for the implementation of creative, collaborative, sustainable projects. The Dragom Dreaming Network is a project to connect the Dragon Dreaming Trainers and Designers to exchange ideas and to support Dragon Dreaming projects.
    Website: http://dragondreaming.org
  • Republic of Congo EDE 2013 Project
    The purpose of this project is to organize a EDE in the Republic of Congo - Africa - to empower young people in the region. The project was designed during a Dragon Dreaming Introductoring Course by John Croft. Base Team: Lua (Congo), Ethan (USA/India), xaba (Brazil) and Monique (Netherlands).
    Website: (no yet)