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It has been two years since the first and well received Zidanca sprint  https://www.coactivate.org/projects/zidanca-plone-sprint-2011/project-home, now  it's time for a sequel. This time we will be focusing our efforts on NixOs and Kotti, but we won't hold it against you if you want to work on something else of course (especially if you want to work on Plone, which we still love :)).

The sprint will be happening in the beautiful south-east wine region of Slovenia  ("Zidanca" means a small wine cellar near the vineyards). Main sprint topics for NixOs will be improving documentation and wiki, fixing existing failed bugs on hydra and general tweaking of python on Nix. Main sprint topic for Kotti will be kotti_multilingual (and more). For a complete list of topics see the "Sprint topics" section below (just add a new entry there, if you have a topic you'd like to work on).


  kotti.png     nixos-hires.png


22 - 26th July 2013.


  • Tadej Justin, Termitnjak [usatko] (5 days) Topic: organization, Arriving: soon, Leaving late, Food: all, T-shirt size: M
  • Jure Cerjak [ibi],  Termitnjak (5 days) Topics: Kotti + organization, Arrival: first, Departure: last, Food: omnivore, T-shirt size: L/XL
  • Vanč Levstik, Termitnjak (5 days) Topics: Kotti + organization help, Arrival: weekend before, Departure: friday/saturday, Food: all, T-shirt size: XL
  • Natan Žabkar, Termitnjak (4 days) Topics: Kotti, Arrival: Sunday/Monday with car, Departure: Thursday, Food: all, T-shirt size: L
  • Janž Verbančič, Termitnjak (TBD)
  • Domen Kožar [iElectric] (5 days) Topics: NixOS & Substance D, Arrival: Monday, Departure: Friday, Food: all, T-shirt size: M
  • Daniel Nouri (5 days)
  • Cillian de Róiste [goibhniu] Topic: NixOS, (5 days)  Arriving: Brestanica 8:25 on Monday, leaving Brestanica 20:28 Friday, Food: Veg(flexible), t-shirt: M
  • Florian Friesdorf [chaoflow], T-Shirt size: S, Yoga, NixOS and/or Kotti and/or X, Arrival: Monday 18:00 (car), Departure: TBD, Food: mostly Veg, no dairy stuff
  • Rok Garbas [garbas], Arrival: Monday 18:00 (car)
  • Luka Kikic [kikic], NixOS, Arrival: Monday 18:00 (car), Departure: TBD, T-Shirt size: XL
  • Jonas Hörsch [coroa] Topics: NixOS and Y, Arrival: Monday 18:00 (car), Departure: Sa/Su, Food: Veg, T-shirt size: L
  • Andraž Brodnik [brodul]  (5days) Topics: GSoC (Pyramid) & NixOS & cooking support, Arrival: Monday morning, Departure: Friday afternoon,  T-shirt size: L/XL 
  • Urban Škudnik [neo] (most probably 5 days): Topics: python and stuff, arrival monday, departure friday, tshirt: M
  • Alojzij Blatnik [Predkambrij], (5 days) Topics: NixOS, Arrival: Monday, Departure Friday, Food: no meat, T-shirt size: L
  • Jaka Hudoklin [offline], Topics: NixOS, Arrival: Monday, Departure: Friday, Food: all, T-shirt size: M
  • Rob Vermaas [rbvermaa], Topics: NixOS and Z, Arrival: Monday afternoon, Departure: Friday early morning, Food: no fish, T-shirt size: XL 
  • Eelco Dolstra [niksnut], Topics: NixOS, Arrival: Monday afternoon, Departure: Friday early morning, Food: no fish, T-shirt size: XL 
  • Matej Cotman [matejc] (5 days) Topics: NixOS and Plone, Arrival: Monday, Departure Friday, T-shirt size: XL 
  • Martin Žibert [peks], najdi.si, (2 days), Topics: anything, Arrival: Wednesday morning, Departure: Thursday afternoon, Food: all, T-shirt size: M
  • Joachim Schiele [qknight] (5 days), Topics: documentation / git workflow / hydra / QA, Arrival: Monday 18oo (car), Departure: Friday++, Food: Veg, T-shirt size: L
If you want to join us, please send an invite request https://www.coactivate.org/projects/zidanca-sprint-2013/request-membership  and then add yourself to this list. Or just send us an email.


Sprint topics

  • improving documentation and wiki
  • fixing existing failed bugs on hydra
  • general tweaking of python on Nix
  • figure out a nice workflow for dev -> testing -> staging -> deployment and documenting it (screencasts?)

  • kotti_multilingual
  • ...


Other activities


If you are interested in joining me for some yoga suitable for beginners and at least social for advanced yogis, please drop me a line flo@chaoflow.net or put your name here, so I can prepare a bit and see that we have enough mats and blocks. While I myself am not an instructor yet, I do have great teachers and would prepare a sequence to compensate for way too much sitting:

  • Florian Friesdorf (experienced beginner, aspiring instructor)
  • Jure Cerjak (noob) 
  • Jonas Hörsch (noobish)
  • Joachim Schiele (experienced beginner)
  • Tadej Justin (slo: hlod; eng: log, block, trunk of a tree)
  • Domen Kozar (pre-noob)

Wine cellar visit

If there will be enough interest, we will organize a visit to one of the nearby wine cellars (e.g. http://www.kz-krsko.si/eng/wine-cellar-krsko.html) . More info soon.

Rock Climbing

It looks like there are a few nice crags not too far off (there are topos for kotecnik at 60km distance from krsko available from http://coronn.com/TOPOS/slovenia/kotecnik/slovenia.html, but there should also be closer crags at Armesko and Nad Savo, see http://www.climb-europe.com/RockClimbingSlovenia/Celje-Kotecnik.htm, only without topos). i intend to bring a rope and quickdraws along anyways, but feel free to text me on coroa@chaoflow.net to get something organized.

Getting there

The sprint will be held in Lokve (near Krsko), Slovenia. The location is easy accessible by car or train (we'll come and pick you up on the station "Brestanica" or "Krsko", which are 10min away). There are also two commercial airports in the area - Zagreb (50 km) and Ljubljana (120km) - if you decide to come by plane, please let us know beforehand and we'll arrange a pickup.

Accommodation and expenses

We will be coding in beautiful natural surroundings with a big natural pool (don't forget to bring your bathing suits!) and sauna. On location there is room to accommodate up to 14 people [1]. For more adventurous, there is enough room to use a sleeping bag and/or a tent. There are also affordable rooms, hostels and hotels available nearby. The nearest hostel is http://www.hostel-kozmus.si/. A special price was arranged for sprint participants, so please contact us prior to making a booking, so we can do it for you. There are two double-bed rooms, one six-bed and one eight-bed dorm available.

Other accommodation options:

Since this is a "Zidanca" sprint, we will also take care of your wine needs. We'll prepare a selection of fine, region specific ("Frankinja" Barique, "Zeleni silvanec", "Laški rizling", "Bizeljsko-sremisko" etc.) and other wines. If there is enough interest, we'll arrange wine tasting in one of the nearby zidanca's.

What we will kindly ask from you, is contribution for food, which should be in the range 10-15 eur/day (we will have balkan style barbecue, trout etc.). If you have any special requirements or if you want to bring/cook your own food, please let us know beforehand, so we plan accordingly.

[1] with varying degree of comfort 

vinskaklet_krsko.jpg  lokve1.jpgbrezice.jpg  lokve2.JPG


If you have any questions, please send an email to info (at) termitnjak.si,  Jure (jcerjak (at) termitnjak.si) or Tadej (tadej.justin (at) termitnjak.si).



Sponsors and Partners 




Part of the network equipment provided by:



How to become a Sponsor or Partner

Sponsor funds will be used exclusively for covering the sprint expenses, such as food, soft drinks etc.. If the funds will be sufficient, we will also organize a tasting of selected Slovenian homemade beers. Considering total expenses of the event, we propose sponsorship amount in the range from 100 to 500 EUR. If you wish to donate more or less than the proposed amount, we will be more than happy to accept any contribution (and in any form).

Every sponsor will get a *big fat logo* on this page, T-shirts and posters on location. You will also receive our eternal gratitude, served with a bottle of fine local wine.

If you would like to become a sponsor for this event, please drop us a line on info (at) termitnjak.si or call Tadej on +386 (0)40 505-009.

Thank you!