• How You Can Help

last modified September 23, 2009 by cbc

­We expect this to be a very low-cost sprint--the University is donating space, and we expect to have minimal hotel/food costs. However, we would very much benefit from support. Flights aren't free, and we'd love to make it easier for experienced sprinters to afford to come in these tough times.

If you or your company benefits from paster/ZopeSkel, please consider making a contribution (any amount is good!) to further our goals. We will collect only as much money as we will spend on actual expenses--no one will be paid to attend this sprint, nor will there be profit.

If you're uncertain where to begin in donating, a reasonable amount to donate, if you are a Plone consultancy or individual, would be in the $100-250 range. We will give ample public credit to our benefactors.

To contribute, email joel@joelburton.com.