• Our Design

last modified August 6, 2009 by jjmojojjmojo

  • Add a "verbose description" attribute to paster's "var" questions and add verbose descriptions for our most critical recipe questions.
  • Add an "onchange" hook to the "var" question class, which is called upon value-change. This can change whether questions are asked, how they are described, what the default questions are, etc.
  • Add a $HOME/.zopeskel­­ capability (or maybe this is ".pastescript"?) that allows you to set preferences like:
        zope2_product = True
        author = Joel Burton
    ­    author = Bob Smith
    (where you can specify values for all templates, or for particular points in the inheritance stack).
  • ­Add an "easy" value, which, if provided, leaves out questions that are not useful for new users (zope2_product, version control repository, etc)
  • Add helpful post-recipe text in the post() method of our recipes, which appear in verbose-help mode.
  • Add helpful pre-recipe warnings (via pre() method) to the buildout recipes, so that people who are running this from out-of-date documentation/Martin's book understand that, while this recipes exist and work, the best practice/recommended way to install Plone nowadays is not a buildout-by-hand, but the Universal Installer.
  • Ensure consistency. This includes the tone of the questions and help/warning text, and the code output in the templates.