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­To help discuss how we want this work, we have several named actors:

  • Themer: Someone who intends primarily to produce a theme for Plone, and doesn't neccessarily care about this being productized or re-used in other sites. They end up needing paster/ZopeSkel only to build one theme product, and may even need this theme product *just* because they want to move one viewlet to another viewlet manager, and that (currently) requires on-disk ZCML.
  • Integrators: Someone who uses paster to build non-exotic Archetypes, portlets, viewlets, and straightforward products that are GenericSetup profiles.
  • Developers: Someone who uses paster to build many add-ons, potentially including re-usable themes, sophisticated add-on products, etc.
  • Core Plone Developers: Someone who is using paster/ZopeSkel to create core parts of Plone ("plone.app.foozle"), and that benefits from the most  advanced, complex, or sophisticated possibilities.

We curently feel that paster/ZopeSkel serves the Developer and Core Developer audience very well--it was designed originally for and by these audiences.

We don't feel it serves integrators very well--the questions asked during use of "paster" are too terse, too technical, and non-obvious, and the generated code would benefit from more comments and pointers to documenation.

For themers, who are using paster/ZopeSkel almost incidentally, we feel that it is significantly too complex (this audience may not have *any* experience with Python or eggs at all).