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  • Chris Calloway
  • Matthew Bowen
  • Jan-Jaap Driessen
  • Michael Revoir
  • Justin Bennett
  • Stephen McMahon
  • Andrzej Mleczko
  • Stephen Compall
  • Fabian Reinhard
  • Robert Gimlich
  • Francis Ridder
  • Calvin Hendryx-Parker
  • Clayton Parker
  • Jon Stahl
  • David Glick
  • Aaron VanDerlip
  • Don Fick
  • Nath Aune
  • Ken Wasetis
  • Don Ross
  • Karl Johan Kleist
  • Dorneles Treméa
  • Joel Burton
  • Alex and Amy Clark

Abstract ­

Friday October 2 through Monday October 5, 2009, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. A highly focused, planned, and organized, very small, no-fun, no-cost, all-business sprint to improve ZopeSkel usability for Plone themers, integrators, and new developers. The primary goal is to improve ZopeSkel infrastructure rather than to create new ZopeSkel templates. This may result in a ZopeSkel wrapper product code-named Button.

Report Out

We reported out on our blog.

Email List

ZopeSkel now has a permanent home on plone.org. All future ZopeSkel communications should take place there.

The Main Points

Logistics and Details

Design Artifacts