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last modified August 3, 2009 by cbc


­To do this work, we are planning the "ZopeSkel BBQ Sprint". This will be held at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill on Friday, Oct 2 through Monday, October 5.

We expect this to be a small and focused sprint. It is not invite-only, however, we are not looking for a large group or side-projects. We, in fact, are specifically discouraging side-projects of any kind--the purpose of this sprint is solely to do the above work. Should we finish early, we'll just spend the rest of the time, well, eating BBQ.

This sprint will have no costs, besides you travel costs and your eat-out-with-us cost. We expect to be able to offer "crash-space quality" places to stay (sofas and guest rooms of area Plone people; if we cannot provide enough of these, we will list inexpensive area hotels. We will attempt to defray all costs for participants, if we receive enough support.

This would not be a good sprint for someone looking to learn more about Plone site-building or product-development per se, since the technologies we're working with here are not much more general-Python than Plone-specific. This sprint is really for experienced Python programmers who want to help with the ZopeSkel infrastructure.

The sprint leaders here are: Joel Burton, Chris Calloway, and Josh Johnson. We'll all be at the sprint, and will provide some instruction at the start on the current architecture of ZopeSkel.

Despite the name, vegans are welcome :)

If you are interested in attending this sprint, please contact Chris Calloway at cbc@unc.edu.