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The Zope.org - Redux project exists to help co-ordinate people who want to make zope.org better.

The project has a few basic tenets:

  • The existing zope.org site will die, becoming old.zope.org for historical purposes. No bulk content migration will be attempted. Any content that is moved over, will be cleansed and scrutinized.
  • The new zope.org will not be a community site the way that zope.org is now. In particular, we will not have member folders for individual users, or anonymous sign-up. Only a select number of people will have access, and there will be review cycles built into the content workflow.
  • The site should not be big! Rather, it should be focused, cleanly designed and easy to understand.
  • The Zope universe is complex. That scares people. The new zope.org should tell a clear, unambiguous and consistent story to people who are new to Zope. That story is roughly as follows:
    • If you are in doubt, start with Grok! Grok makes Zope accessible to the masses.
    • Grok builds on and makes available the wealth of components available in Zope 3. Zope 3 is mature, built on lessons over a decade of building application servers. The Component Architecture is advanced and powerful. You can use Zope 3 without Grok, but it may not be the best place to start.
    • Zope 3 is also used in Zope 2, a mature application server that powers such systems as Plone and Silva. If you are supporting legacy applications, you may want to learn about Zope 2, but if you're unsure, start with Grok and Zope 3.
    • The CMF is a framework, used by Plone and Silva among others, to build content management solutions. You can build applications straight in the CMF, but again, if you're in doubt, look to the newer technologies first.
    • Both Zope 2 and Zope 3 use the ZODB, a powerful Python object database. You can use this on its own, but if you use Grok/Zope 3 or Zope 2, you will get the ZODB automatically.

Where we are

We have a development Plone instance at zode01.lovelysystems.org. Please email the mailing list if you would like an account to contribute content.

We have an initial site structure. This site map shows the pages and the status for each section. 

Some Ideas

Keywords that must appear on product pages

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