• The Legend of the Zozo

last modified October 5, 2006 by natalie

Long thought to have disappeared from NYC, rumors of the reappearance of the zozo have recently been heard.

The zozo is a large land mammal that stands over seven feet tall.  Found rarely in the wilderness, the prefered ecosystem of the zozo are areas dense with human habitation yet quiet and peaceful at the same time.  Zozos thrived in New York City for centuries but slowly died off as congestion and traffic destroyed their habitat.  The last known zozo sighting in NYC was in 1921.  Although commonly thought to have been in New York since the time of the Indians, the first zozo was brought to New York on a Dutch trading ship from Trinidad in 1673.  Zozos flurished in early New York with their population growing steadily up until the early 1800's.  Zozos make some prominent appearances in "A History of New York from the Begining of the World until the end of the Dutch Dynasty" written by Dietriech Knickerbocker in 1809. 

whose been reading David Quammen?